Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fan-Taken Photos from Informal Practice on 9/26/12

Thanks again to fellow Panthers' fans, Angi and Nelly, for taking photos at the informal practice/skate some of the Panthers and other NHL'ers participated in on Wednesday, 9/26/12. (He wasn't at the practice on Monday and Friday of that week.)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photos from 9/19/12 "Practice"

Thanks again to Nelly for sharing some photos she took at the informal practice some of the Panthers held on 9/19/12. Not only were there some Panthers, but also some AHL guys and Vokoun.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Will José Play Overseas if the Lockout Drags On?

I'm still hoping the lockout is a quick one this time around and going overseas won't be necessary, but this was a tweet from today. I can't talk to the reliability of this guy, but he must have spent about 6 hours texting as many players as he says he contacted.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fan-taken Photos from "Practices" Last Week

Beginning a couple of weeks ago, a group of Panthers practiced and worked out together at the Panthers practice facility. José was usually one of them, along with Ed Jovanoski, Tomas Kopecky, Scott Clemmensen, Mike Weaver, and others. It seems it's more the guys with kids, because they move back to Florida sooner than some others, because their kids begin school (that's just the way I see it.) There were also players from other teams or unsigned players that live in Florida during the off-season (Tomas Vokoun, Roberto Luongo, Andrei Markov, and Marco Sturm to name a few.)

Two fellow José fans, Nelly and Angi, were able to attend practices on Sept. 12th and 14th and shared photos with me. Thanks, guys! :)

You can see Vokoun in the background in his Penguins gear.

On Friday he was wearing a different set of pads. They look to be Vaugh V5 7800s. Of course, he might just be testing them out. I do like the extra stripes, but I'd love to see a little red mixed in.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy 36th Birthday to José!!

Today José turns 36. Over 17 years in the NHL and still going strong (since he played one game in 1995-96, that's where I count from.) He is not only an awesome goalie, but an amazing person. I'm so proud to call him my favorite and wish him nothing but the best.