Monday, March 9, 2015

José, Stéphanie and Romi on Acces Illimite, 3/8/15

I was able to watch the episode of Acces Illimite last night with José and family, and it was amazing. It's the most personal look I've ever seen into José's world and family. And it's definitely more than I've ever seen Stéphanie and Romi. His interactions with them are beautiful. It's easy to tell he's a wonderfully loving husband and an amazing dad.

I recorded the show in 2 parts, and then uploaded them to YouTube. But the video quality is poor after I uploaded it. Usually I'm given the option to view in 480p, but it's only giving the option to go as high as 240p, so it's not very clear. I'll investigate to see if I can upload differently, but for now here they are.

And I'll eventually have a translation and will post that when I do. I will also post more photos/images as I get time.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

José, Stéphanie, and Romi will appear on Sunday, March 8, 2015 Acces Illimite on TVA

There have been a few preview videos show up online for the Acces Illimite show tomorrow night.

It airs right after La Voix on TVA, approximately 21h30 (9:30 pm EST.) There are others on the show as well, but José and family are one of the pieces.

Then there was a video of another part of the segment, showing him on the golf course with the host, but I don't have a direct link. But you can see it on Acces Illimite's Facebook page.