Friday, March 30, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Blue Jackets, L (1-4, one empty net)

After one period the Panthers trail 1-0. The game started off very badly. The Panthers were so flat!! That goal was on a 2 on 1 breakaway after a broken play. They did step it up a bit, but were unable to score on a 5 on 3 that lasted 1:15. I'm really getting concerned, not gonna lie.

José stopped 5 of 6 shots on goal.

Well, after 2 the Panthers now trail 2-0. But as Frank of The Rat Trick said, "It would be 5-0 if not for Theo." They made FOUR stupid penalties in a short span of time, and in large part due to José they killed 3 of them. One goal snuck through a bunch of traffic though.

José stopped 14 of 15 shots.

Disappointing doesn't cover it. José deserves better than what his team is giving him. If not for him and Clem this team would be in 12th place, simple as that. He saved 25 of 28. And I can admit one of those goals was soft. But when your team has expected miracles out of you every game for...oh, the past month, it's going to wear on you. He's human. He's still been their saving grace.

Back at 'em Sunday in Detroit. The only positive there is that the Red Wings recently lost to Columbus also (by the way, Columbus is at the bottom of the NHL standings, no lie.)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Wild, 2-3 (OT)

It will be José vs. Backy tonight in Minnesota. Memories...

It was a scoreless first period. José saved all 13 shots he faced.

The Panthers scored on a PP (I won't mention that it was a bad call that led to their PP...) so they lead after 2 periods, 1-0. José had a quiet period...4 shots. But he had to be really sharp for at least 2 of those, especially after not seeing a shot for such a long time.

I'm honestly so disappointed in the outcome of this game I can't even write anything about it. Lead lost with 30 seconds left in the game. Lost in OT. José saved 22 of 25 shots. That's honestly all I can say. He's 22-14-10, with a 2.36 GAA and .920 SV%. And he deserves better than what his team is giving him lately.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

José is Appreciative of His Time in Minnesota

From On Frozen Pond by George Richards

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Jose Theodore will be back in net for the Panthers on Thursday, returning to Minnesota after spending last season here as Niklas Backstrom's backup.

Theodore said he has nothing but good memories of his short stint with the Wild as he thanked the organization for the opportunity.

Despite going 30-7-7 with the Capitals in 2009-10, Theodore had no offers to play in 2010-11 until the Wild needed a backup after Josh Harding got hurt just as the season was starting.

Theodore had a strong season in Minnesota – current Panthers teammate and former Wild mate John Madden said he was the team's MVP most nights he played – and eventually signed a two-year deal with the Panthers on July 1.

“I got to see some of the trainers before practice and I have great memories here,'' said Theodore, who also took part in the 2004 All-Star Game here. “This is a city that's been good to me. And I think I'm in Florida here because they gave me a chance to play.''

The Day After

I didn't get my entry updated last night after the game, so I'll just make a new one.

The Panthers won!! It had to go to another shootout, but at least a Panther scored in the shootout, and they won! The Panther who scored was Wolski, and he had a beauty of a shot. The most fun part to me was that right after the OT period ended, he went over to José on the bench and started talking to him. And we all knew he was asking José's advice or talking to him about his shot, or something, and they talked for a few minutes. And of course I screen captured it, becaues it was awesome. But the announcers were talking about it, and the Panthers tweeter mentioned it. It's like José helped them win, even from the bench!

And then Mel shared a photo of La Presse's Sports section today. The headline just says something about the Habs having 5 more games.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Canadiens, W, 3-2 (SO) (Clemmensen in goal)

It's pretty sure that Clemmensen is the starter tonight. He was the first off the ice.

Val had the opportunity to see practice today, and talked to him afterwards. And she shared her photo! Thanks, Val!

Gameday, Panthers @ Canadiens, 7:30 EST (No goalie announcement)

I would honestly not be surprised if Clemmensen got the start tonight. José just doesn't have a great record against Montreal in his career. But he did have a really good start to the New Year's Eve game...until he was injured. So we'll see what Dineen decides. Whichever goalie is in goal, the Panthers HAVE to score more. It's a MUST! The team could wrap up their playoff spot while on this 4-game road trip, but they have to start winning games and getting those 2 points.

The Caps are 3 points behind right now, and Ottawa and Buffalo are also fighting for that 8th playoff spot. So it's between those 4 teams, and there are only 3 spots. If the Panthers would slip out of 1st in their division, which guarantees them a playoff spot, then it's a toss-up to see if they make it. Big games coming up (and I hate saying BIG, but they really are now.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Video from Last Night's Game

Thanks to Nelly for recording and sharing these clips from last night.

First is the anthem, when he patted the baby goalies on the head. So cute.

Then a face shower.

And the "shirts off our backs" event from after the game. It was so cute how the woman kissed him on both cheeks and seemed so excited! Who wouldn't be?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Islanders, L (2-3, SO)

After one period, the Panthers are leading by the score of 1-0 and leading in shots 15-9. It's nice to score the first goal, and have a lead after 1 period. José has been sharp, stopping all 9 shots, a couple very quality scoring chances stifled by our favorite goalie.

Evgeni Nabokov is in goal for the Islanders today, so it's a battle of the 35+ goalies. Between these 2 men, they have played 1233 NHL games. Nicely done.

So many missed chances by the Panthers in the offensive end and the game is tied at 1. That Islanders' goal was scored with less than a minute left in the 2nd. The Panthers had killed off a 5 on 3, and were a few seconds away from killing off the 5 on 4, when they ripped a goal past José. He'd made 3 outstanding saves that PK, but that one squeaked past. So disappointing for them, I'm sure. But hopefully they'll bounce back and come out firing in the 3rd. They NEED offense. José saved 13 of the 14 shots he faced that period.

Ugh, another shootout, and another loss. The Panthers can't buy enough offense right now, and it has to be so frustrating for the whole team. But especially José! He has played some of the best hockey of his career since coming back from injury, and they can't produce enough offense to get him wins!!

He ended up with 35 saves on 37 shots. He's now 22-14-9, 2.35 GAA and .921 SV%. But this team has to score more!!! If they can't score more against the teams they've lost to recently, I worry about the rest of their season.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Oilers, 1-2 (Shootout)

José was the first one off the ice after morning skate, so it's assumed he will start. But you never know with Dineen.

Yesterday Coach was interviewed on NHL Live, and when asked about José this is what he said:

"I tell you what’s really impressed me about José is his preparation, the way he comes to the rink on off days. And in morning skates…I have to get him off the ice. He’s out there, he works on very specific drills. And last night I was impressed with how he really competed on every puck, and right to the end of the game, and really gave us a chance to win. Goaltending has been a real strength for us this year."

And don't even get me started on why GR has been calling José Uncle Theo (it really annoys me.) I guess Goldie (Steve Goldstein of Fox Sports Florida) started it, and he said it's a take on the Uncle Leo character on Seinfeld. Makes no sense to me, other than it rhymes, but whatever.


The game is scoreless after one period. José has only faced 5 shots, but a couple of those were really sharp saves. The Panthers have 9 shots, but nothing going in. A bit sloppy on their part actually. Hopefully they'll tighten up and drive the net next period.

After two the game is still tied, this time at 1. The goal scored against José was on a breakaway after a bad play down at the other end. He's had some nice saves that kept them at 1 though.

He saved 8 of 9 shots that period.

Ugh, another shootout!! This time the Panthers couldn't score in the shootout at all! José stopped the first 3 shooters, but the 4th got it past him. Disappointing for him, I'm sure, but it was a point, and the Capitals only got one point in their game, so the Panthers are still 4 up on the Caps.

José saved all 10 shots in the 3rd and 2 in OT. So he ended up with 20 saves on 21 shots. Then 3 of 4 in the shootout. Back at 'em Sunday against the Islanders.

And here was a very nice exchange on twitter about José, begun by his friend and former teammate, Gui Latendresse with Mike Russo chiming in as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Evolution of José

Just a little montage I put together...he was always a cutie, but he has definitely gotten finer through time (like fine wine.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Hurricanes, 7:00 EST (José in goal)

Fox Sports Florida is not broadcasting tonight's game, and it seems there was an NHL blackout on it. But I am getting to see some sort of Carolina feed and listening to the Carolina radio broadcast, so I'll take it. But there aren't many camera shots of José.

He faced 14 shots that period, and unfortunately the first one went in off a deflection. Deflection shots are maddening. It looked like it deflected off a defenseman's skate. But after that, nothing got past him, and he was pretty busy.

The Panthers have only had 7 shots on goal, and they aren't really getting any quality chances. Hopefully they'll step it up, because they need to get their offense going!

José faced another 14 shots in the 2nd period, and one of them was ripped past him. It looked like he was probably screened, but it was a screecher of a shot. But the Panthers did get a score in there, so the score is 1-2.

Well, that one didn't turn out so well. The Panthers lost 3-1. José faced 39 shots. He had some spectactular saves, but the Panthers had trouble controlling the puck and scoring (again) and staying out of the box. Let's hope they can do better against Edmonton on Friday.

And this was a save. A sweet one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Flyers, W, 2-1 (Clemmensen in goal)

Coach Dineen's comments from today:

“I don’t want to make too many changes. The goaltending’s been good. I don’t want to keep stirring the pot in different areas. In saying that every night there’s four extremely hungry guys looking to get in the lineup, so I will say this, there has been some extremely tough decisions on a daily basis for us about whose going in come game time. My thought process is to try to find a place for Clem to play. In saying that we got that hot stick. Jose’s making it very easy to keep giving him the tap on the shoulder, so he’s made it hard. I really am going game to game on these right now. It’s hard to leave the hot stick.”


I guess that translated to Clemmensen will start in Philadelphia. Maybe it's because the Panthers have not fared as well against the Flyers this season when José started as when Clemmensen did. Not because of José's play, but because of the team's play in those games. According to Harvey: "Theo has given up 8 goals on 74 shots in 2 losses, while Clem gave up 2 goals in shootout."

I have a feeling José will start in Carolina tomorrow then.


Everything is more fun with 2 good goalies! The Panthers' goalie saved their bacon again tonight, this time it was Clemmensen. Panthers beat the Flyers 2-1, even though Clemmensen faced 36 shots and the Panthers only got 13 shots on goal. But it's the 2 that went in for the Panthers that really mattered. Going for their 6th straight win in Carolina tomorrow.

And we still got 2 photos of José.

And for those that didn't like what he had going on with his facial hair during the last game in Philly...he shaved.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Video from the Shootout Win vs. Buffalo, 3/17/12

Thanks again to Nelly for sharing her videos from the Buffalo game Saturday. First is during the National Anthem, when the little kids were out with the players, and the little goalie that was standing with José couldn't hold his mask along with his stick, so José reached down and took it from him and held it during the Anthem. Then he put it on him.

First are the photos from that, then the video.

He notices the little boy struggling.

He reaches for the mask.

He holds the mask...just like a great dad does.

Then the video starts up at that point (and there was a hair toss in there to boot!)

I'm actually not sure if I can post a GIF here...let me try, because Nelly made a great one from the hair toss moment.
Nope, GIFs won't work here, but if you click this link, you can see it on tumblr.
Click for hair toss GIF.

Now here is the last save of the shootout and the celebration following!

And here is when he was announced as 2nd star.

Thanks again, Nelly!!! I thoroughly enjoy these videos. You do a great job!

Top Ten Saves of the Week, 3/16/12 (José Made the Cut)

One of José's fantastic saves from the Carolina game made last week's Top 10 Saves of the Week. He's at #8, but check them all out. Lots of great saves here. It's no wonder I love goalies!

More Photos from Rinkrat #88

Thanks again to David for sharing his photos. (Remember if you actually click on the photo, you will see a higher resolution version.)