Monday, March 19, 2012

Video from the Shootout Win vs. Buffalo, 3/17/12

Thanks again to Nelly for sharing her videos from the Buffalo game Saturday. First is during the National Anthem, when the little kids were out with the players, and the little goalie that was standing with José couldn't hold his mask along with his stick, so José reached down and took it from him and held it during the Anthem. Then he put it on him.

First are the photos from that, then the video.

He notices the little boy struggling.

He reaches for the mask.

He holds the mask...just like a great dad does.

Then the video starts up at that point (and there was a hair toss in there to boot!)

I'm actually not sure if I can post a GIF here...let me try, because Nelly made a great one from the hair toss moment.
Nope, GIFs won't work here, but if you click this link, you can see it on tumblr.
Click for hair toss GIF.

Now here is the last save of the shootout and the celebration following!

And here is when he was announced as 2nd star.

Thanks again, Nelly!!! I thoroughly enjoy these videos. You do a great job!

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