Friday, March 9, 2012

Panthers @ Penguins, L (1-2, Shootout)

The first period has been a good bounce back one after last night. Even though there has been no scoring, the Panthers are playing better. It's still scoreless at this point. José saved all 6 shots he faced.

The Panthers are still hanging in there, and now lead 1-0 after 2 periods. José has played tough and saved all 14 shots he faced. The guys are playing good defense in front of him as well.

Another shootout, and this against the best shootout goalie in the NHL, Fleury. And with Neal and Malkin as shooters, 2 of the best. Didn't go the way of the Panthers.

But it was a great bounceback game for them. José was outstanding and was named 2nd star of the game. He saved 34 of 35 shots on goal. Some of those of the fantastic variety. One right at the end of regulation that saved the game for them. Nothing to hang his head about in this game.

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