Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Senators, W (4-2)

The Panthers are down by 2 again after one period. That's happened way too often lately. The Senators are just working hard and got some lucky bounces, and the Panthers aren't getting ANY luck. None. It has to be more frustrating for them than it is for us. I really hope they can snap this bad luck streak, because it's getting down to the scary point.

José saved 10 of 12 in the period. He had some really nice saves, but the team isn't clearing guys out from in front of the net. I couldn't tell if the first goal was a deflection or just a screen. Disappointing period, that's for sure.

It's amazing the difference one period can make. The Panthers came out on fire and scored THREE that period. They now lead 3-2. José saved all 8 shots he faced.

Oh man, that win felt GOOD! To feel so down after the first period, then to have such a great second, and the third was pretty darned good also. They didn't get that 4th goal until the last few minutes, so it was a bit tense for most of the period for me, but all in all, a great win! José wasn't overtaxed in the 3rd, so he ended up with 23 saves on 25 shots. He only had to face 5 shots in the 3rd.

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