Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Canadiens, 7:30 EST (No goalie announcement)

I would honestly not be surprised if Clemmensen got the start tonight. José just doesn't have a great record against Montreal in his career. But he did have a really good start to the New Year's Eve game...until he was injured. So we'll see what Dineen decides. Whichever goalie is in goal, the Panthers HAVE to score more. It's a MUST! The team could wrap up their playoff spot while on this 4-game road trip, but they have to start winning games and getting those 2 points.

The Caps are 3 points behind right now, and Ottawa and Buffalo are also fighting for that 8th playoff spot. So it's between those 4 teams, and there are only 3 spots. If the Panthers would slip out of 1st in their division, which guarantees them a playoff spot, then it's a toss-up to see if they make it. Big games coming up (and I hate saying BIG, but they really are now.)

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