Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Jets, W (6-3)

The fact that José is still starting shows Dineen doesn't blame him for these losses. That's a positive. Let's hope the Panthers can get a few lucky bounces tonight to boost their confidence. They aren't playing with any and that hurts.

Panthers hope to turn things around against Jets

Wow, it felt good to see the team score goals again...and they scored 5 in the last period!! José wasn't perfect, he probably feels he should've gotten a couple of those goals, but they weren't soft. Just savable. But his team stepped up for him as he'd stepped up for them for so many games, so it all evens out in the end. That's how a team is supposed to work.

Peter Mueller said how José had been working so hard, he was really happy to see him get the win. So that was nice to hear.

He faced 25 shots on goal, saving 22.

And the losing streak is broken! Thank goodness!!! The whole team worked really hard and looked so much better overall. There were still little issues, but so much better!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This and That

I forgot that I hadn't posted the video that my friend, Nelly, made for me after my trip to Florida to see José. This was from January 4th, 2 days before the lockout ended. They were still practicing at Glacier Snow and Ice which is where they practiced most of the lockout. It's a smaller, more intimate, rink so I could talk to him right as he came off the ice. And then he invited us around back to talk after he cleaned up, so that's where some of the photos came from. (I'm the one wearing his jersey. ;) And the guy is my husband, who is so awesome for making a 2400+ mile round trip with me to see José.

I also realize I haven't been very active on this site lately. I spend more time on my tumblr and Facebook pages for José, and along with my 2 blogs for goalies in general, I'm afraid this one is the site that gets the least attention. I'm not sure how many still check in here is one reason, and I know how many followers I have on tumblr and Facebook and it's easy to interact with those folks due to the setup of the sites. Blogger is not an ideal interface for that. Plus tumblr is just so much easier to post photos on. That's the main purpose there...tumbling photos.

So if you want to check in over there, feel free: F$%^ Yeah Jose Theodore

Just know that it's a totally different atmosphere, and I get more fangirly and curse, etc. So if easily offended by that stuff, then stay away. ;) And because I have good friends who follow me there, and tumblr is an interactive blogging site, I will post some personal stuff along with the José stuff. I usually remove the personal posts after a day or so, but it's how I communicate with my friends there. So just don't be surprised by that.

It would probably be easiest for you to check out the archive, then you can just pick out the photos or videos you want to see. Here's the link to the archive.

And here is my Facebook fan page. I usually try to post at least one or two photos each day. But you have to be a Facebook user to see that one. You don't have to be a tumblr user to view that page.

Here's hoping the Panthers get their act together SOON and help out their goalie!! He deserves so much better than what they're giving him. And he's played so much better than what his stats indicate. I feel terrible for him.

Here's what I posted on tumblr and Facebook last night:

These are rough days for the Panthers, but I still believe in José, and I know you guys do too! He's doing all he can, and hopefully things gel for the team soon. Things will look up, and we'll be there for him during the wins just like we are for the losses.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gameday, Panthers @ Lightning, L (2-5)

Kris Versteeg should be back in the lineup, so let's hope he's the spark that gets the team back on track, and that they finally give their goalie some support!

Panthers-Lightning Preview

Well this is really starting to sound like a broken record. The team is playing like a pee wee team in front of José. They are giving him no support whatsoever. I'm not going to list all the ways they are messing up, because it's pretty much everywhere...offense, defense, special teams. Everywhere. They had 6 power plays last night and took 8 shots on goal. EIGHT! 6 wasted power plays! Or was it 5...either way, atrocious!

Goaltending is not their issue, and I hope they get their issues worked out soon, because they are feeding their goalies to the wolves.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Panther Parkway: The Florida Panthers Look For Chemistry

The Florida Panthers Look For Chemistry

by Frank Rekas

From me: Thank goodness some people still recognize that José isn't at fault for this poor start by the Panthers.

From Frank:
During the summer of 2011 shortly after the free agent fenzy, pundits all around the NHL scoffed at what the Florida Panthers and General Manager Dale Tallon accomplished. Bringing in more than 10 new faces to the team with trades and free agent signings, most believed there was no way the team was going to mesh quickly enough to compete for a playoff spot, let alone a division championship. Craig Button, Mike Milbury among others were all driving the bandwagon bus of doom and gloom that was headed straight to South Florida. Too many new faces, too many uncertainties, a new coaching staff, and last place finish the season before were too much to overcome.

Chemistry was the biggest concern, which is normally a valid point, yet many of the players acquired at the time had played together at some point in their careers. While I’m not going to go down the list, it didn’t take a long time for coach Kevin Dineen to sort out his lines, his defensive pairings, and his goaltending rotation, before the Panthers got off to a quick start, which catapulted them into first place in the Southeast division for most of the season. Ultimately they won their franchise first ever division championship as neither Washington nor Tampa Bay could catch up. The lines clicked, the defence was solid, and the goaltending led by veteran Jose Theodore as the starter, and Scott Clemmensen as the backup surprised everyone with their above average play.

The sour taste of losing in game seven of the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs last season (in double overtime), apparently has created a drunken stupor, causing a worrisome slow start to the season. After winning the home opener against the Carolina Hurricanes by a score of 5-1, the wheels have essentially fallen off, as the offence, defence and special teams have become invisible. Or, stuck in cement. The four games since have seen the Panthers fall to Ottawa and Montreal on the road, and Ottawa and Philadelphia at home, while being outscored 18-3. The best played game of those four was the Ottawa game at home, yet mistakes and a lack of offensive chances, and Craig Anderson prevented the Panthers from winning that game.

Certainly the rugged schedule could be blamed as a factor with Saturday’s game being the 5th in 8 days, but all teams are dealing with that. Also, having injuries to four of your regular top six forward are another factor, but as coach Kevin Dineen said after the 7-1 whipping from the Flyers:

“Injuries had absolutely nothing to do with what happened. We got our tails handed to us in every way.”

The Panthers haven’t lost four games without getting at least one point since the last days of the 2010-2011 season when Dale Tallon purged the roster, which led to the frenzy of signings that summer. It had to be done. Now the question is, what’s next? Each of these four games have all had similar elements to them. Slow starts, mistakes, defensively out of position, losing battles to the puck, poor power play, and an overall sloppyness. Ed Jovanovski commented that “we need to be better in all three zones”. That kind of puts things in perspective.

If there is one bright spot, it has been the goaltending of Jose Theodore. Before you “jump” all over that, since he was pulled after the first period Saturday against Philadelphia, most of the goals scored against him have not been his fault. One goal in particular in the Flyer game, Theo was clearly screened and had no chance at all of making a save. He has actually looked very sharp in all the games he’s played in, especially both Ottawa games. He has faced a lot of vulcanized rubber so far, and has received very little support from his team. Last season Theodore kept the Panthers in more games than they should have been in, and in many cases was able to at least get them to overtime, or the shootout so they could at least pick up a point. So far this season, despite his solid play, the offence has been invisible.

The line combinations aren’t clicking. The passes are either too far in front, or too far behind. There’s no energy, no jump, and very little pressure being put on the other team’s defence. And did I mention the lack of physical play? The line that we all thought would provide some offensive spark was the Peter Mueller, Alex Kovalev and Jonathan Huberdeau line, which has been silent since the opener, especially since Kovalev is now playing on the top line with both Kris Versteeg and Stephen Weiss out with injuries.

What seemed to be clicking last year isn’t. What looked so smooth and symmetrical last year has disintegrated. Five games into a 48 game season with a possible 10 points available, the Panthers have only two. The team was given the day off on Sunday, and will practice today, before their game against Tampa Tuesday night. Then the Cats come home Thursday to face the Winnipeg Jets, before embarking on a three game road trip that takes them to Buffalo, Winnipeg, and Philadelphia. Playing with desperation so early in the season might seem a bit schizophrenic, but not when you hear Tomas Fleischmann comment:
“You have to panic right now,” winger Tomas Fleischmann said quietly. “We have to bring everything we have. It’s a short season. We have to panic right now.”

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Flyers, L, 1-7, 3 of those were on José)

It's a battled of struggling 1-3 teams. Let's hope the Panthers find their spark tonight and finally get José his 2nd win of the season!!

This was certainly not the bounce-back game the Panthers needed. 3 goals against José in the 1st period, so Clemmensen started the 2nd, then he ended up with 4 against. The team is just awful right now in front of their goalies. They are giving no support. Defensive breakdowns, undisciplined penalties (so many stick infractions), turnovers...they finally got more shots on goal, and a few were good opportunities, but Bryzgalov was there for most of them.

Coach Dineen was so mad afterwards and said it's not due to injuries..."We're a bunch of individuals right now. We don't have the chemistry to play as a team."

The Panthers have the day off tomorrow, told to go home and get their heads on straight. Practice Monday, then a game in Tampa on Tuesday.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Post-Game Video and Photos from Recent Games

Post-Game 1/24/13

Photos from 1/24/13

This was from the game he didn't start in Montreal, talking to his buddy, Peter Budaj.

1/21/13 in Ottawa

This was an awesome save on a breakaway.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Senators, L (0-3, one empty net goal)

There has been no confirmation, but we're assuming José will be back in goal.

Panthers look for revenge against Senators

I feel better after this 1st period than the last time they played Ottawa, but José still had to face too many shots early on. He saw 16 shots within the first 15 minutes. He was super sharp on a 5 on 3, then they finally got one through on the following 5 on 4.

But many of his saves were of the outstanding variety! Anyway, the score is tied at 1-1.

After 2 periods, the Panthers trail 2-1. José faced 9 shots on goal that period. The Panthers are having lots of issues with poor puck handling and turnovers, and that's what created the goal in this period. :(
José is still looking great. 

So the Panthers fall AGAIN! They just can't give José the offensive support he (and any goalie) needs. He faced a total of 37 shots again. That's a total of 116 shots in 3 games, for an average of 38.6! That's ridiculous! The defense needs to step up! And the offense needs to step up big!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Gameday, Panthers @ Senators, L 0-4

Panthers Travel To Ottawa To Take On Senators

Panthers have a 5-game losing streak in Ottawa...would be awesome to break that!

Totally different 1st period than the other night. The Panthers trail 0-1 and have been outshot 18-4! The Senators got a power play goal to get on the board (the Panthers had to face 3 PPs in that period.)

I'm not up to recapping that much. José played a great game and kept them close most of the game. It was 2-0 with less than half of the 3rd left, and then there were a couple of goals at the end. This loss can't be hung on him though. The team was sloppy and didn't even seem to be there. He was one of the few that actually showed up.
He saved 33 of 37 shots. 

The plan was to have Clemmensen play tomorrow night in Montreal, so when he doesn't start it's not because of tonight's game.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Post-game Interview, 1/19/13

José after the Panthers' 5-1 victory over the Hurricanes to open their season. Note how happy he is for Jonathan Huberdeau ("the young French guy") who made his NHL debut and scored the Panthers first goal on his first shift.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Hurricanes, W 5-1

This will be the first time we've seen José play in a game since April 26, 2012! It's been TOO LONG!! I'm so excited!

Wow! What a start to the game! After one period, the Panthers are leading 4-0!! José has stopped all 12 shots faced and looked great doing it.

After 2 the Panthers are leading 5-1. I can't get NHL's website to work right now to check, but I'm pretty sure he's faced 29 total shots so far, so that was 17 faced in that period.

And he looks outstanding. I don't see any rust at all. He kept in good shape during the lockout.

What a great way to start the season! The Panthers held on and won 5-1, and José saved 41 of 42 shots!!! Great game for our goalie.

And Jonathan Huberdeau made his NHL debut and scored the Panthers' first goal.