Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Flyers, L, 1-7, 3 of those were on José)

It's a battled of struggling 1-3 teams. Let's hope the Panthers find their spark tonight and finally get José his 2nd win of the season!!

This was certainly not the bounce-back game the Panthers needed. 3 goals against José in the 1st period, so Clemmensen started the 2nd, then he ended up with 4 against. The team is just awful right now in front of their goalies. They are giving no support. Defensive breakdowns, undisciplined penalties (so many stick infractions), turnovers...they finally got more shots on goal, and a few were good opportunities, but Bryzgalov was there for most of them.

Coach Dineen was so mad afterwards and said it's not due to injuries..."We're a bunch of individuals right now. We don't have the chemistry to play as a team."

The Panthers have the day off tomorrow, told to go home and get their heads on straight. Practice Monday, then a game in Tampa on Tuesday.

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