Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can TVA Sports shows be watched online?

Does anyone know if TVA Sports broadcasts can be watched online? Does their site offer an online viewing option? Or is there somewhere else online they are streamed? I’m in the U.S., so there’s no way to see it on TV.
Since their site is in French, and translating it online isn’t that easy to do, I’m having trouble trying to figure out if I’ll be able to watch Le Match and Le Premier Trio online in January when José joins them. 
If anyone can help I’d really appreciate any input. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

José and TVA

I found a couple of actual photos (rather than just my screen captures from the videos.)

The man on the left is Serge Fortin, Vice-President of TVA Sports and on the right is Pierre Dion, President and CEO of TVA Group.

Friday, December 13, 2013

English Translation of One of Yesterday's Interview

Thanks so so much to Val for translating the one-on-one interview with José yesterday.

Here's the interview again:

And from Val: “The stuff in ( ) is what I think it should be like other than a direct translation it’s what I feel makes more sense in English.” 

So keep in that in mind. I really appreciate that, Val, because sometimes direct translations don’t make as much sense.

Guy: Talk to us about your desire to be a commentator/analyst and everything that goes with it.

José: Since I left Montreal, it has been quite a while that I wanted to get closer to the fans here. I had such a good relationship with the people here during my time here (with the team) now I felt like I lost touch. I often watch the games and listen to the comments, and I saw it from a different perspective (while not playing), and I wanted to bring my corrections and commentaries. And really it’s mostly to reconnect with the people (fans) because it’s been a long time since I left Montreal. It’s going to be a great experience for me, it will be a challenge. I’ve played hockey all my life but now it’s a new challenge for me.

Guy: We say often that the media are too harsh that they don’t really know the game. Do you find it difficult to criticize, let’s say to say that a goalie lacks speed, execution, etc… You’re not afraid to criticize?

José: No, my goal is to bring corrections and often, being a goalie, I find that often people don’t (fully) really know (but one could say understand also) the position of goalie properly, and that’s where I can bring a correction. Sometimes a goal that can look weak, from my point of view it’s a really good goal and vice versa. But if it’s a bad goal I won’t say it’s a good goal. I’ve been criticized for bad goals so my aim is simply to be fair, and the people want an analyst that’s honest and that’s what I have to bring.

The guy says something along the line of bringing something to the table that the average fan doesn’t understand.

José: Yes, and from a mental (psychological) point of view as well. I played 10 years here in Montreal, I had some amazing seasons and some not so great. I experienced some ups and downs. So when we talk about a goalie and the pressure here in Montreal and how the goalie feels after a bad goal or a bad game, of course I believe I’m well suited to give the fans some insight on the game.

Guy: You’re leaving one NHL team to join another type of team and you know a few people here.

José: Yes, I know pretty much everyone here, and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to join the TVA Sports team. But again it’s a new challenge. I’m excited, and at the same time I’m nervous, anxious to meet everyone and improve because this isn’t something I’ve studied. I’m just excited to give my little 2 cents (direct translation is a grain of salt.)

Guy: This is not a retirement but from what I understand this is your Plan B when you do retire, or you’re leaning towards this?

José: Yes, this is something I’ve wanted to do for several years now. I’ve been watching a lot of my friends who are on TV (now). It’s not retirement. It’s basically that right now, as you said, it’s a post-career prep. I’m sure that this will be something that I will really enjoy for a long time.

Guy: Good luck and welcome to this side of the fence.

José: Thank you very much.

José on Salut, Bonjour this morning

Salut, Bonjour! is a morning show on TVA, and José was a guest this morning.

The guy on his left, Dave, played with him during their QMJHL days for Hull, and they were talking about how they were roomies briefly, but Dave snored so loudly that José didn't sleep at all, so that didn't last long. They had a good laugh about it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

TV analyst Theodore insists he’s not retiring

Interview video:

  • Sportsnet guy: First things first. Does this mean you're officially retired now from the NHL?
  • José:No it doesn't. I'm not officially retired. I just had a great option to work with great people that I know here at TVA Sports, and I just wanted to take a new challenge. It was just the right timing. I'm thinking about my after-career, but it doesn't mean that I'm officially retired from the NHL, no.

José to join TVA Sports in January as a hockey analyst (not retiring, still hoping to play in NHL)

José has accepted a position with TVA Sports in Montreal as a hockey analyst. The article is found here:

There's a video included with that article showing José arriving at the studio. But there's also a video of the full interview with him here:

Here is Google's translation of the article:

The former goalkeeper of the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens, José Theodore, will join the team  in January of TVA Sports as an associate and analyst.

He has played over 700 games in 16 seasons in the NHL will be a regular contributor to "Prime Trio" and "The Match". He will also be an analyst during intermissions of Canadiens games, playoffs and the Stanley Cup final to be presented to TVA Sports.
"We are privileged and proud that Jose Theodore chose TVA Sports", said Serge Fortin, Vice President, TVA Sports. "This is a great vote of confidence on his part and we are convinced that hockey fans will be happy to find in our team.
"Jose Theodore has had a distinguished career in the NHL. His experience as a guard, his personality and colorful style will be greatly appreciated hockey fans. "
"I am proud to join the team of TVA Sports. This is an exciting new step in my career that I can not wait to live because it will allow me to share the experience I gained in the NHL with the Quebec hockey fans," for his part commented Theodore.
"This will be an opportunity to get even closer to fans and share my analysis and my opinions with them."
Theodore, now aged 37, has worn the uniform of the Canadian for 10 seasons between 1995 and 2006. Second round pick of the Montreal team - 44th overall - in 1994, he played 648 regular season games and 56 playoff games in the NHL with the Canadiens, Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, the Wild Minnesota and Florida Panthers.
In 2002, Theodore won the Vezina Trophy as best goalie in the NHL, as well as the Hart Trophy, awarded to the player most valuable to his team. He became the third goalkeeper in history, after Jacques Plante and Dominik Hasek to receive both honors in the same season.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

José played in a "just for fun" game on November 25, 2013

Last Sunday night I saw this tweet while searching José's name on twitter.

Someone asked him where the game was going to be, and he said Monday at the BB&T Center at 3:00 pm. I asked him if José was playing and if it was open to the public, and he said José would be playing and it was open to the public, but it wasn't really being advertised as it was just for fun. They mostly expected family and friends. He said it was going to be a team of Russian guys vs. USA guys (even though José isn't from the U.S., I guess he meant guys living in Florida or something.) I really never did find out why this game happened, but I'm glad it did. It was great seeing José on the ice again, even if it was only for fun.

So on Monday afternoon The Stig tweeted a couple of pictures of José (you can see he was wearing his old Capitals of my all-time favorites.)

José's team won in a shootout, but again it was mainly just for fun. I don't know if any of the other guys play/played professionally or not. I was told the defense in front of José was definitely weak. ;) But one thing The Stig tweeted that was kind of neat: "Listening to Theo talk between periods. Definitely fresh out of the NHL. Telling defenseman where to be, what to do, very smart."

And I was sure to point out he's only temporarily "out of the NHL." He'll be back.

And my friend and fellow José fan, Nelly, raced to the BB&T when she found out for sure José was there and took some great pictures and video.

A quick one of him skating to the bench with his mask up.

And this one is fun at the beginning because one of the Russian players kind of "hugs" José and they both have big smiles along with the ref. It's nice to see José having fun. And at the :10 mark, you can see him do what I call his "scrunchy face mask adjustment" that he often does before faceoffs. He kind of shrugs his shoulders and scrunches his face up and looks up and somehow adjusts his mask without his hands, haha. There are some photos through his career of that scrunchy face and I always smile.

And the most awesome thing to come out of the day...goalie love/post-game video. Smiles and fun all around.

Then The Stig had the opportunity to meet José after the game and shared the photo. When I asked if he was able to meet José he said, " I had to steal him from his family to take a picture and get an autograph. He had no problem though, very polite." (José is always so polite to fans!)

Friday, November 29, 2013


On November 26th there was an article on TVA Sports indicating  José is not even considering retirement. TVA talked to Don Meehan, José's agent, and he said, "We have not discussed this possibility" (referring to retirement.) Meehan also says José was contacted by several NHL GM's but their offers were not what José was interested in. I did hear that one team offered him a VERY low amount. He's not asking for a lot of money, just a respectable amount for all he brings to a team. Plus I'm sure with his family, location is important as well. I still have hope he will be signed this season or next.

Article found here.

It's in French, but Google Translate did a relatively ok job of translating.


November 26, 2013 at 1:43 | TVA Sports / Louis-André Larivière
Jose Theodore has not lost hope to get along with a team from the National Hockey League.
Meanwhile, the keeper of 37 years continues to wait. For there is no question for him to consider retirement at the moment.
"We have not discussed this possibility," said Monday the agent Theodore, Don Meehan, the TVA Sports.
Unrestricted free agent since his two-year contract expired with the Florida Panthers in July, the Québécois has been contacted by several CEOs in recent months.
"We talked with several teams, but [what] they offered does not match his objectives, said Mr Meehan.
"Jose will not sign with a team if the context [contract] is [not] favorable for him. That is his purpose. "
Placed on injured reserve by the Panthers last March, due to a lower body injury, Thédore had a respectable season in 2011-2012.
In 53 starts for the Panthers, he then showed a record of 22-16-11, an efficiency rate of 916 and a goals against average of 2.46. Meehan believes that his client gets the fact that few teams are looking for a starting goaltender since the beginning of the season.
"I think it's a question of timing," says agent. "The openings are limited. "
In September, several Russian media reported that Theodore had agreed with Avangard Omsk in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Meehan had immediately denied this information. Even the KHL does not seem to be an option for "Theo."
"Right now, it is very unlikely."
Winning trophies Hart and Vezina with the Montreal Canadiens in 2002, Theodore has compiled a record of 286 wins, 254 losses, 30 draws and 39 overtime losses in 648 games.
He wore the uniform of the Canadiens, the Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, Minnesota Wild and Panthers.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the Inaugural Heritage Classic

We've all seen it, the iconic photo of José wearing his toque on top of his mask, with his breath steaming in the cold Edmonton air. Today is the 10th anniversary of that Heritage Classic, played between Montreal and Edmonton on November 22, 2003.

On they published a special "Sunday Long Read" on it last Sunday. There are videos and quotes and all sorts of things if you want to check it out.

A quote from José about the cold: The goalies, we had it the worst. Players would go on the bench and it was like a five-star resort there. They had heaters and hot packs, whatever they needed. Me and Ty needed to stay in net.

Here is a nice recap of the event. You can see some shots of José in the dressing room along with on the ice.

And here's a video just about his toque.

And his quote: We had a practice the day before and the old-timers had a practice and they had the toque on during practice with the pom-pom and the vintage kind of look. When my brother saw the practice, I think he saw Guy Lafleur skating around with that toque. He told me it would be real cool if I put it on top of my helmet. So I kind of kept it in mind. I talked to Gervais and his assistant, Bobby Boulanger. Bobby did a great job of putting tape in so it stuck properly. I thought I would put it on for warmups and then take it off for the game. After warmups, all the guys said, “It looks so cool; you’ve got to keep it for the game.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wild may have to accelerate search for backup goalie

From Mike Russo after the Wild's game tonight.

Posted by: Michael Russo under Wild game coverage Updated: November 19, 2013 - 11:00 PM

Ugly, ugly performance tonight by the Wild really for the first time this season when the Montreal Canadiens outskated them from start to finish en route to a 6-2 victory.
The two goals make it sound closer than it actually was. Nino Niederreiter and Dany Heatley each scored with the Wild trailing by five goals, Heatley’s coming with 1.3 seconds left.
Max Pacioretty, who entered the game with two goals, an eight-game goalless drought and all but disappearing from USA Olympic talk, scored three goals (a natural hat trick) on 10 shots.
Josh Harding was pulled for the first time this season, and it was far from his fault. He held the Wild in a scoreless first period and did all he could in a one-sided second period. Coach Mike Yeo gave him the mercy pull so he didn’t have to endure any more punishment and could now have enough in the tank to start Wednesday in Ottawa.
From everything I’ve been told, the plan was to go with Darcy Kuemper in Ottawa (although Yeo was denying that after the game).
Regardless very doubtful that happens now. Kuemper, who gave up three goals on seven shots last month in Toronto, came in and gave up three goals on nine shots to the Canadiens. He was beaten on the first two shots he faced, meaning at that point, he had stopped four of 9 shots this season.
He is 3-7 in the minors with a goals-against just under 3.0. This is a problem, especially with Matt Hackett (who has actually been worse statistically in Rochester) no longer in the organization and Johan Gustafsson having next to no North American pro experience.
Niklas Backstrom is sidelined with a concussion. The Wild has a ton of games coming up, including back-to-backs the next three weeks and in four of the next five (not counting Wednesday). He is doing light workouts but not skating, so my guess now is the Wild will have to somehow add an experienced backup, whether it be trading a draft pick for a Scott Clemmensen-type or signing a Jose Theodore or a Rick DiPietro or a Mathieu Garon or somebody.
But Harding can’t do it all himself and it’s hard to be confident with Kuemper right now until he goes to Iowa and gets his game in order. He just doesn’t look comfortable in net. This kid knows how to play goal. He's played at a high level before. But right now, he's struggling.

Still, goaltending by Harding and Kuemper had nothing to do with tonight’s loss. The Wild, 10-1-2 in its previous 13, just had a clunker that happens over the course of every season.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

With Backstrom out, Wild might be in market for goalie

Here is the article Mike Russo of the StarTribune wrote about the Minnesota Wild's current goalie situation.

With Backstrom out, Wild might be in market for goalie

Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO, Star Tribune, November 16, 2013 - 12:47 am

With Niklas Backstrom sidelined by a concussion and a meaty part of the Wild’s schedule on the horizon, General Manager Chuck Fletcher might be in the market for a goaltender.
“I wouldn’t say Backy’s day-to-day because you never know with concussions, so we’ll have to evaluate how Nik’s doing,” Fletcher said Friday morning. “If it’s going to be longer-term, we’ll have to look at doing something. If it’s shorter-term, we’re confident with the guys we have. But ultimately we need Darcy Kuemper and Johan Gustafsson developing in Iowa and not spending the whole year up here.”
Fletcher is comfortable with Josh Harding continuing to get the majority of starts with Kuemper or Gustafsson making the occasional spot start. But with the Wild at the start of a stretch where it plays 17 games in 30 nights with back-to-back games in each of the next four weeks and five of the next six, the team will need a reliable second goaltender.
If Backstrom is out long-term, Fletcher can either sign a free-agent goaltender or make a trade. The three most established North American free agents are former Islander Rick DiPietro, former WildJose Theodore and longtime NHLer Johan Hedberg.
Of the three, DiPietro is the only one currently playing. Bought out by the Islanders last summer, DiPietro is on a tryout with the Carolina Hurricanes’ AHL team, the Charlotte Checkers, and is 0-3 in four games with a robust 5.57 goals-against average.
Theodore, the former Hart Trophy winner with the Montreal Canadiens, went 15-11-3 in 32 games for the Wild in 2010-11. Fletcher is a fan, signing Theodore after Harding tore his ACL and MCL in the preseason. Theodore, who lives in Boca Raton, Fla., said Friday he works out with a trainer four times a week and is skating daily.
Hedberg, released from a tryout with the Rangers this fall, has been doing part-time scouting with the New Jersey Devils and doesn’t seem keen on moving far from family.
“We haven’t gone through the process yet, but you’re always trying to know who’s available,” said Fletcher. “In the short-term, you don’t want to overreact and clearly Kuemper and Gustafsson are quality goalies who can play. We’ll make the right decision based on what we know medically. It’s not like I’ve called 20 teams yet.”
Gustafsson backed up Harding on Friday against the Panthers. The Wild wanted Kuemper to start for Iowa against San Antonio in case it needs him to start at Ottawa on Wednesday.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mike Russo Mentioned José in Conjunction with the Wild

Minnesota Wild goalie, Niklas Backstrom, was elbowed in the head earlier this week and is currently out with a concussion. It's unknown at this time how long he'll be out. But tonight during 1st intermission between Minnesota and Florida, Mike Russo said that the Wild are "doing their due diligence in inquiring about other goalies" in case Backstrom's injury is long-term. They mentioned 3 free agent goalies, José, Rick DiPietro, and Johan Hedberg. Russo said DiPietro is on a tryout in the AHL for Carolina right now but is not having good results. He said Hedberg isn't officially retired, but almost.

Then he mentioned José and said he actually talked to him today. José said he's working out 4 days a week [with a trainer] and getting ice time every day with Marco Sturm (who he played with his first season in Florida.) Russo feels José would be very interested if Minnesota made the call. But it's going to be dependent on how long-term Backstrom's injury is and won't make a quick decision.

So we'll just have to continue and wait and see.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This day in history, 1996, José's first NHL victory

On this day in 1996 (11/6/96)  José earned his first NHL victory against Anaheim.

I don't have any photos from that game, but I do have this one from the following night against LA. So at least we can see 20-yr-old José the night after his first NHL win.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

José Artwork Made for Me

A few weeks ago a young woman from Italy contacted me through my goalies blog. She enjoyed my blog :) and wanted to share her artwork with me. And when she found out José was my favorite, she made these for me. She calls them digital sketches. I call them AWESOME!! :)
Thanks so much, Simona!! Her other artwork and photographs can be seen here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video from the March 3, 2011 game, Wild vs. Rangers

I've been looking back through José's season in Minnesota, and the other night I wanted to watch one of his games, so I watched the March 3, 2011 game against the Rangers (I have NHL Gamecenter, so I can watch any game from the past 5 seasons in their archive.)

José had such a great game that night and saved 40 of 41 shots. After that game his record in his last 10 games at Madison Square Garden was 9-0-1.

I asked a friend of mine who has better software to record a few of my favorite parts, so I'll share them here.

And of course we don't know what José said to Backstrom when he went over to the bench, but he obviously thought it was funny. I don't know that I'd ever seen Backstrom GIGGLE before. ;) And the look on José's face was priceless.