Saturday, December 31, 2011

José Left the 12/31/11 Game with an Injury

One of José's teammates fell on him early in the 2nd period, and he was on the ice for quite a while in pain. He was able to finally skate off the ice under his own power, but he did not look comfortable. He has not been back to the bench since then, and it's over halfway through the 3rd.

It was thought it might be a knee/leg issue, because he feel very awkwardly on his leg. There was just an update, but it was the famous "lower body injury" business.

More updates:

Gameday, Panthers vs. Canadiens, José out with injury

After the first period the Panthers trail 0-1. Much better than last night! José has stopped 8 of 9 shots.

And tempers have flared quite a bit. There has been more than one tussle when Panthers' players have been trying to protect José and keep the Habs away from him. Quite a big one at the end. Good times.

Kulikov fell on José during the 2nd period, and he had to leave the game. He went off under his own power, but he fell awkwardly on his leg. Possible leg or knee injury, but no one knows for sure yet. More as soon as I hear something.

Clemmensen came in and stopped all the shots he faced. It's tied at 1 right now.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Gameday, Panthers vs. Rangers, L (1-4)

The Rangers scored 3 pretty quick goals, so with about 6:00 left in the 1st period, José came in the game.

José has saved 8 of 9 shots through the end of the 2nd. The Panthers trail 4-1.

He ended up saving 10 of 11 shots and the Panthers fell 4-1. Now they're back at it tomorrow against the Canadiens. José will start that game.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

12/28/2011 Practice Photos Courtesy of

Thanks again to the folks at Swamp Hockey for allowing me to post their photos. Great stuff!

Toronto Game Photos Courtesy of

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to the folks at Swamp Hockey for granting me permission to post the photos they took of José at the Toronto game and at practice yesterday. These are really great photos!! I'll post the practice photos in another post.