Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gameday, Panthers vs. Maple Leafs, W (5-3)

From On Frozen Pond:

Jose Theodore doesn't speak on game days because of days (re: lots of media) like today. He was very discreet in sneaking out the back door of the locker room. I saw you bubba. Theodore in net versus the Leafs.

(I thought the "sneaking out the back door" comment was pretty funny.)

José has bounced back yet again. Resilient, this man is. He's turned aside all 11 shots he's faced, and he's looked really sharp. The Panthers have only had 4 shots, but at least they scored with one of those, so they lead 1-0.

José stopped 12 of 13 shots in the 2nd and the Panthers lead 4-2.

He saved 7 of 8 that last period (the one goal was a deflection, he had no chance) for a total of 29 saves on 32 shots. The Panthers won 5-3.

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