Friday, December 11, 2015

November appearances on Dave's show

He also appeared on a couple of Dave Morissette's shows in November.

This was Nov.4th and their guest is a magician and former junior teammate of José's, Martin Rozon.

And on Nov. 6th Karl Dykhus (former teammate in Montreal) was on discussing wine.

November TVA appearances

I thought I'd share some shots of José's recent appearances on TVA Sports.

He still goes up to Montreal one week out of the month (usually the first week of the month.) He's there from Wednesday to Saturday and is usually on a show each night (but not always every night.) He might be on Dave Morissette's show or on TVA's broadcast of an NHL game (not always a Habs game.) If it's during a game broadcast, he's in the studio pre-game and during intermissions.

There were from November 6th.

November 7th

Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 9th appearance on Dave Morissette's show

Dave Morissette has a nightly (?) show on TVA Sports, called DM, Dave Morissette En Direct. Usually the one week a month that José is in Montreal, he will make at least one appearance.

These are from October 9th, when David Lemieux (a boxer obviously) was on the show. (you can only view TVA Sports' videos if you are in Canada or have an IP masker that makes it seem you are in Canada)