Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Maple Leafs, W (5-3)

After one period the Panthers are leading 2-0. José has looked sharp and stopped all 9 shots faced.

After 2 periods the Panthers lead 3-1. He saved 6 of 7 shots on goal (the goal was a beautiful PP snipe by Kessel.)

The Panthers won 5-3. José ended up saving 28 of 31 shots. He's now 17-11-6 with a .919 SV% and 2.40 GAA.

Journal de Montreal article ("J'adoooooore la Floride")

Thanks to Mel for sharing this article about José from Journal de Montreal. First the photos, then I'll share her translation.

The first pic just says that Theodore found joy again or something like that.

Then the article:

Title is something like: Florida makes Theo smile or Florida shines on Theo or something like this.

The article pretty much says:

-Six years after leaving Montreal, that pushed him to glory as much as to the depths of the ocean, Theodore feels like a fish in the water with the Florida Panthers.

-It’s not that the 35 year old goalie had disappeared from the map, but this season he’s cemented himself as a number 1 again.

-His GAA is the best since he was with the Avalanche and his Save% best since his 2001-2002 “miracle season” with the Habs (didn’t like how they wrote that.)

-“For me it’s not like I came out of nowhere this year, my numbers were good in Minnesota, but I wasn’t considered like a number one anymore. When I signed my contract with Florida, that’s what they promised me.”

-“You start the season in a different way, a different mindset, you really anticipate playing hockey. I felt I’ve played well in the last few seasons, but this time I have the chance to play more often.”

-For Theo his success can easily be linked to the fact that he’s enjoying himself like a kid under the palm trees –his tan adds more to his rock star look. (This part cracked me. "rock star look" ;o)

-“I looooovvvveee Florida” he said with a big smile. “For me when the head/mind is clear, the season follows.”

-He’s not surprised by where the Panthers are in the standings.

-“It’s not that people don’t know hockey, let’s just say that the supposed experts often make mistakes in their predictions. In hockey, it depends a lot on the team’s chemistry and this year we have it.”

-Dineen is the first to admit that his goalie’s play explains in part the Panthers success this season.

-Theodore didn’t accomplish any thing great in his last few seasons. With the Wild last year he only played 32 gamesand GAA 2.71. (I would disagree with them on the "nothing great" thing...30 wins in Washington was pretty great.)

-“We’re far from all that, we had a frank talk at the beginning of training camp and we established a goodrelationship. There is a lot of honesty on both our parts. We talked about last season and what he needed to do to earn the net” – Dinnen said.

-Even if many people said that he lacked work ethic early in his career Dineen says it’s the total opposite today.

-“That’s what impresses me about him, not the games really, but the work he puts into practices. He does the little extras necessary all the time. He certainly has the talent but he’s a hard worker” – Dineen said.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Canadiens, W (4-2)

Sorry I'm late, I was out of town today. Clemmensen is in goal against Montreal today. After one period the Panthers are trailing 1-2.

The Panthers won 4-2! Stephen Weiss had 2 goals and an assist. I was so pleased for him, especially since he was honored before the game for playing the most games as a Panther.

Thanks to Nelly for sharing some photos she took tonight at the game.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

NHL's Top 10 Saves of the Week, José is #2

Gameday, Panthers @ Hurricanes, W (3-2, SO)

After 1 period in Raleigh, NC, the Hurricanes are leading 1-0. The Panthers dominated the period and played pretty well. They put 19 shots on goal, but Justin Peters stopped them all. José had a much quieter period, with one really outstanding save that will surely be on highlights later. He saved 8 of 9 shots.

Oh, which reminds me, one of his saves from the Anaheim game made the saves of the week. I'll post that later.

Now after the 2nd period the Panthers are trailing 0-2. Jokinen was left open in front of the net and put it home. A couple of defensive mess-ups in my mind ending up in scores tonight. But that's just me. Although the commentators did keep saying they can't leave guys open like that. Frustrating for José, that's for sure.

He saved 9 of 10 shots faced that period.

Another game that went to a shootout, but this one ended much better. The Panthers didn't score at all until less than seven minutes were left in the game, but Flash scored, then Wolski who was just traded to the team today, scored the 2nd goal that sent it into OT. José was scored on once in the shootout, and the other two Carolina shots were misses. And the Panthers actually scored two in the shootout. Thank goodness they got a couple monkies off their back tonight. José ended up with 26 saves on 28 shots. Props to Justin Peters of Carolina though with 42 saves on 44 shots. Wow.

Video of the "Ole, Ole, Jo-se, Jo-se" song from Panthers' Games

Val took this video at the Wild game the other night. At least once per game, when José makes a big save, they play this. Some call it the soccer song, because it's pretty well known in the soccer world. But hockey fans are more familiar with it as the Montreal Canadiens' goal song. Wait, is it the goal song? I don't really know...they play it at Canadiens' games for some reason, I'm just not sure why. Anyway, they've started playing it for José too.

Click to watch.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful Photo I Wanted to Share

Big thanks to Panthers fan, Judy Chance, for this beauty of a photo. This was taken at the Panthers Live event earlier this month. Really great shot, Judy!! Thanks for sharing!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Wild, L (2-3, SO)

The Wild come to town tonight. So many feelings since this was the team I rooted for all last season, but I hope José gets the start and the W! But it can be a 1-0 game. Haha.

The teams have taken the ice for warm-ups, and it's definitely Theo vs. Backy.

After one period the game is still scoreless. José saved all 11 shots he faced.

After 2 periods the score is tied at 1. The Wild's goal was with less than 30 seconds left in the period. Ugh! He saved 7 of 8.

Shootout loss. Ouch. Final score is 2-3, José saved 26 of 28 shots and was 0-2 in the shootout, as were the Panthers' shooters.

I'm too deflated to write more. You know shootout losses just take it out of me. The day the shootout is done away with, I will DANCE. I don't care if I'm 95 years old.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Panthers Participated in a Golf Tourney for Charity Yesterday

The Panthers participated in the Publix Golf Classic to benefit The Florida Panthers Foundation for pediatric cancer research.

Here's the group photo. José is fourth from the left in the front row.

And then a bit more of a close-up.

Then here is the wrap-up video from the event. There's no José shots in here, but Bergie did mention that he's heard José might be the best golfer on the team. ;o)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Save of the Game by José, 2/19/12

Click the link to see the video.

Sorry, with changes in Blogger, I can't figure out how to embed videos anymore.

Gameday, Panthers vs. Ducks, L (0-2, one empty net)

Sorry I didn't let you know right before the game started (when we finally heard the starter.) José is in goal. I'm having serious computer issues, but I think I'll be ok through the game at least.

He had one of his best, if not THE best of his season in that first period. Great stick save, I'm sure it will be on highlights, and it had better make the top 10 saves of the week.

Then his defenseman got beaten a bit later and Selanne got a rebound and tipped it in from the side. After one period, it's 0-1, Ducks leading. José stopped 9 of 10.

Panthers lost 0-2. José ended up saving 25 of 26 saves, and he stood on his head again. The Panthers really need to start scoring.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video of the Whole Panthers Live Event with Theodore, Campbell and Weaver

Follow the link to see the whole video.

Some really great questions and answers. I especially liked when Campbell and José talked about how José likes his Dmen to play in front of him.

Photos from the Ottawa Game

Fellow José fan, Nelly, shared some great photos she took during warm-ups of the Ottawa game on the 15th.

The first two are actually from Getty Images. He's talking to Chris Scoppetto, Head Equipment Mgr., which you see a lot. In fact you'll see him talk a lot to both Equipment Mgrs (Chris Moody is the Asst.) I'm sure equipment managers are a big part of a goalie's game, so they'd be close. And of course, José gets along with practically everyone, because he's such a nice guy, so that's not surprising. ;o)

From Nelly: