Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Hurricanes, W (3-2, SO)

After 1 period in Raleigh, NC, the Hurricanes are leading 1-0. The Panthers dominated the period and played pretty well. They put 19 shots on goal, but Justin Peters stopped them all. José had a much quieter period, with one really outstanding save that will surely be on highlights later. He saved 8 of 9 shots.

Oh, which reminds me, one of his saves from the Anaheim game made the saves of the week. I'll post that later.

Now after the 2nd period the Panthers are trailing 0-2. Jokinen was left open in front of the net and put it home. A couple of defensive mess-ups in my mind ending up in scores tonight. But that's just me. Although the commentators did keep saying they can't leave guys open like that. Frustrating for José, that's for sure.

He saved 9 of 10 shots faced that period.

Another game that went to a shootout, but this one ended much better. The Panthers didn't score at all until less than seven minutes were left in the game, but Flash scored, then Wolski who was just traded to the team today, scored the 2nd goal that sent it into OT. José was scored on once in the shootout, and the other two Carolina shots were misses. And the Panthers actually scored two in the shootout. Thank goodness they got a couple monkies off their back tonight. José ended up with 26 saves on 28 shots. Props to Justin Peters of Carolina though with 42 saves on 44 shots. Wow.

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