Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can TVA Sports shows be watched online?

Does anyone know if TVA Sports broadcasts can be watched online? Does their site offer an online viewing option? Or is there somewhere else online they are streamed? I’m in the U.S., so there’s no way to see it on TV.
Since their site is in French, and translating it online isn’t that easy to do, I’m having trouble trying to figure out if I’ll be able to watch Le Match and Le Premier Trio online in January when José joins them. 
If anyone can help I’d really appreciate any input. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

José and TVA

I found a couple of actual photos (rather than just my screen captures from the videos.)

The man on the left is Serge Fortin, Vice-President of TVA Sports and on the right is Pierre Dion, President and CEO of TVA Group.

Friday, December 13, 2013

English Translation of One of Yesterday's Interview

Thanks so so much to Val for translating the one-on-one interview with José yesterday.

Here's the interview again:

And from Val: “The stuff in ( ) is what I think it should be like other than a direct translation it’s what I feel makes more sense in English.” 

So keep in that in mind. I really appreciate that, Val, because sometimes direct translations don’t make as much sense.

Guy: Talk to us about your desire to be a commentator/analyst and everything that goes with it.

José: Since I left Montreal, it has been quite a while that I wanted to get closer to the fans here. I had such a good relationship with the people here during my time here (with the team) now I felt like I lost touch. I often watch the games and listen to the comments, and I saw it from a different perspective (while not playing), and I wanted to bring my corrections and commentaries. And really it’s mostly to reconnect with the people (fans) because it’s been a long time since I left Montreal. It’s going to be a great experience for me, it will be a challenge. I’ve played hockey all my life but now it’s a new challenge for me.

Guy: We say often that the media are too harsh that they don’t really know the game. Do you find it difficult to criticize, let’s say to say that a goalie lacks speed, execution, etc… You’re not afraid to criticize?

José: No, my goal is to bring corrections and often, being a goalie, I find that often people don’t (fully) really know (but one could say understand also) the position of goalie properly, and that’s where I can bring a correction. Sometimes a goal that can look weak, from my point of view it’s a really good goal and vice versa. But if it’s a bad goal I won’t say it’s a good goal. I’ve been criticized for bad goals so my aim is simply to be fair, and the people want an analyst that’s honest and that’s what I have to bring.

The guy says something along the line of bringing something to the table that the average fan doesn’t understand.

José: Yes, and from a mental (psychological) point of view as well. I played 10 years here in Montreal, I had some amazing seasons and some not so great. I experienced some ups and downs. So when we talk about a goalie and the pressure here in Montreal and how the goalie feels after a bad goal or a bad game, of course I believe I’m well suited to give the fans some insight on the game.

Guy: You’re leaving one NHL team to join another type of team and you know a few people here.

José: Yes, I know pretty much everyone here, and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to join the TVA Sports team. But again it’s a new challenge. I’m excited, and at the same time I’m nervous, anxious to meet everyone and improve because this isn’t something I’ve studied. I’m just excited to give my little 2 cents (direct translation is a grain of salt.)

Guy: This is not a retirement but from what I understand this is your Plan B when you do retire, or you’re leaning towards this?

José: Yes, this is something I’ve wanted to do for several years now. I’ve been watching a lot of my friends who are on TV (now). It’s not retirement. It’s basically that right now, as you said, it’s a post-career prep. I’m sure that this will be something that I will really enjoy for a long time.

Guy: Good luck and welcome to this side of the fence.

José: Thank you very much.

José on Salut, Bonjour this morning

Salut, Bonjour! is a morning show on TVA, and José was a guest this morning.

The guy on his left, Dave, played with him during their QMJHL days for Hull, and they were talking about how they were roomies briefly, but Dave snored so loudly that José didn't sleep at all, so that didn't last long. They had a good laugh about it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

TV analyst Theodore insists he’s not retiring

Interview video:

  • Sportsnet guy: First things first. Does this mean you're officially retired now from the NHL?
  • José:No it doesn't. I'm not officially retired. I just had a great option to work with great people that I know here at TVA Sports, and I just wanted to take a new challenge. It was just the right timing. I'm thinking about my after-career, but it doesn't mean that I'm officially retired from the NHL, no.

José to join TVA Sports in January as a hockey analyst (not retiring, still hoping to play in NHL)

José has accepted a position with TVA Sports in Montreal as a hockey analyst. The article is found here:

There's a video included with that article showing José arriving at the studio. But there's also a video of the full interview with him here:

Here is Google's translation of the article:

The former goalkeeper of the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens, José Theodore, will join the team  in January of TVA Sports as an associate and analyst.

He has played over 700 games in 16 seasons in the NHL will be a regular contributor to "Prime Trio" and "The Match". He will also be an analyst during intermissions of Canadiens games, playoffs and the Stanley Cup final to be presented to TVA Sports.
"We are privileged and proud that Jose Theodore chose TVA Sports", said Serge Fortin, Vice President, TVA Sports. "This is a great vote of confidence on his part and we are convinced that hockey fans will be happy to find in our team.
"Jose Theodore has had a distinguished career in the NHL. His experience as a guard, his personality and colorful style will be greatly appreciated hockey fans. "
"I am proud to join the team of TVA Sports. This is an exciting new step in my career that I can not wait to live because it will allow me to share the experience I gained in the NHL with the Quebec hockey fans," for his part commented Theodore.
"This will be an opportunity to get even closer to fans and share my analysis and my opinions with them."
Theodore, now aged 37, has worn the uniform of the Canadian for 10 seasons between 1995 and 2006. Second round pick of the Montreal team - 44th overall - in 1994, he played 648 regular season games and 56 playoff games in the NHL with the Canadiens, Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, the Wild Minnesota and Florida Panthers.
In 2002, Theodore won the Vezina Trophy as best goalie in the NHL, as well as the Hart Trophy, awarded to the player most valuable to his team. He became the third goalkeeper in history, after Jacques Plante and Dominik Hasek to receive both honors in the same season.