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José on Vero's Show (September 13, 2005)

Thanks so much to Marielle for sharing this video of José on Veronique Cloutier's talk show on September 13, 2005 (his 29th birthday.) It was also the first day of training camp.

FYI, Vero is his sister-in-law (Stephanie's sister.) And at this time Stephanie was pregnant with Romi, so that's why Vero mentioned a baby.

Also thanks to Joey for the translation.

- V: Our next guest, who has won a Hart Trophy, a Vézina Trophy, a World cup, a baby and maybe someday a Stanley Cup; please welcome José Theodore!
-          V: Thanks for accepting our invitation.
-          J: My pleasure.
-          V: Look, were not a sports show and normally were a cultural show but we couldn’t miss speaking to you since you’re a real star and during the season, you rarely give interviews.
-          J: We’re really busy during the season and when it starts, we travel a lot so with the pressure to do well, it’s already enough so this is my last chance to come to see you.
-          V: Training camp started today?
-          J: Yes, this morning. Physicals were this morning.
-          V: Good first day?
-          J: Yes, it was tough and long.
-          V: Are you in shape compared to other years?
-          J: Yes, I passed the tests. It was fun. It’s a little bit like a first day of school; the only difference is that I didn’t really like school. It was fun to see all of my teammates that I hadn’t seen in two years.
-          V: Every season at the start of September, there’s the Canadiens golf tournament. That’s where most of the announcements are made. Like here, you were very excited to have signed so that you could present yourself to the tournament. It’s a day that is very anxiously awaited by people, especially by journalists. Why? Because José always shows up with a new fashion accessory. Two years ago, it was the baseball cap. I’m not sure if you remember, Jose? You showed up with that hat. Last year, it was the earrings that you’re still wearing today. And last week, it was the white sunglasses. You like that! You purposely show up with this stuff!
-          J: Not really, when I see those glasses, I find them really nice. I don’t wake up in the morning and think “well, this will make people speak about me”. For me, it’s like a new haircut.
-          V: You’re interested in fashion?
-          J: Well, I don’t have a choice because my girlfriend buys, well your sister, my girlfriend… Me at the start, when I started dating her, it was a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes and since I met her, its 10 pairs of shoes. And earrings because she made me like diamonds because it’s good for her; she thinks that she’ll get them after. It doesn’t work that way though!
-          V: Jose, if we went 10 years back, if I had given you the choice: you’re a goalie for the Canadiens or you’re a rockstar and you tour the world. What would you have done?
-          J: Uh, it’s hard to say. I really can’t complain. Right now, I can say mission accomplished. I wanted to play hockey in the NHL but I have to say, being a rockstar, I’d like that too. I like the lifestyle; it’s a bit between boys and you travel a lot. I never lived the lifestyle of a rockstar but I would’ve liked to try it.
-          V: You play music often.
-          J: Yeah, for fun. That’s why I have tendencies sometimes. Like when I’m taking pictures, sometimes I make gestures that can get me into trouble but it’s all for fun.
-          V: It’s really to look like a star, let’s say. Jose, you recently signed your contract; everyone spoke about it a lot. 16 million dollars. For sure for everyone, it’s a huge amount of money.
-          J: For me too!
-          V: I was wondering, the day this news came out, it’s on the front page of the newspapers, there’s a picture of your face and a big 16 million $ written on it; when you go to the depanneur to buy a pack of gum, are you uncomfortable?
-          J: No, because I’m pretty generous. Where I’m uncomfortable is that I was doing some landscaping at my house and the pool guy said it would cost 250$ and I was telling him it was too expensive, it should be 150$ and I’m not going to pay 250$ and he was looking at me like “you’re not serious…” That’s where it makes me shy. Sometimes you see the number [16 million] and it makes you kind of uncomfortable, but… we’ll take it anyways! Once the contract is signed, you’re happy and you can move on. I really wanted to, and I repeat this, stay in MTL because I love the city.
-          V: You’ve repeated that you love the city but still, players from Quebec are mistreated here in MTL. You know, the fans are tough with you guys. If you were playing in the States, you’d pay less income. Why did you absolutely want to stay here?
-          J: Well, to make TV shows like you. For people to sing songs to me when they welcome me. It’s like that when we play hockey. Me, I repeat it. As I’ve said, in MTL, what’s fun is that we can be close to fans and we have the best fans.
-          V: It’s a hockey city.
-          J: If it gives me less money, well, I can play in front of the people I want to play in front of but now, I couldn’t ask for better.
-          V: People are very happy that you’ve stayed. I think it’ll be a great season. Before you leave, it’s his birthday tonight; Jose turns 29, so I’d ask everyone in the room to get ready to sing to him….
-          J: A little story, I played hockey with his son, the goalie! We were the same age and from the same region.
-          V: On the cake, we have an LX, your number in roman numbers. Like on your arm!
-          J: Ahh, yes, you know.
-          V: Show everyone!
-          J: Well, I can’t get undressed.
-          V: Aww, he has long sleeves underneath.
-          J: Next time you’ll invite me, I’ll show everyone.
-          V: Right before the playoffs.
-          J: After we win the Stanley Cup.
-          V: José, it’s your birthday but you’re the one who brought us a gift. One of your guitars; I’ll ask you to sign it right away. It’s a great idea he had; we’re going to raise money for different charities so this guitar will be auctioned off.
-          J: Can I make my wish?
-          V: José, thanks for coming. Have a great season!
(And I’m sure when he mentioned the finger gestures he was talking about when he flipped off the team photographer when taking their headshots that season and he got grief for it, even though he was just joking with the guy and the guy knew it.)

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If you hear anything about José signing today, it's rumors

There was a rumor that hit twitter that José had signed a deal in the KHL, but it's a rumor.

His agent made a statement that there was "no truth" to it.

What Teammates Say about José is the Most Important to Me

I don't put much stock in what media or fans or even management say about José. What is most important to me is what his teammates say about him. They are the ones who are with him day in and day out. They see what he brings to a team. They see his talent, his work ethic, his character on and off the ice. Here are some quotes I've gathered through the years.

"I never realized how good he was until I played with him.” - Brian Campbell while teammates in Florida
That one really strikes me as impressive, because it shows that many people don't know just how good José is until they are with him on a team or watch lots of his games. Because he's played on mediocre teams so much of his career, and because he's so low-key many other hockey fans doesn't see how talented he is. 

There’s no one I’d rather have behind me in net than Jose.” - Matt Bradley, teammates in Washington and Florida

He’s an absolutely unreal teammate. Goalies are a different breed. Not Theo. He’s very normal. You go to dinner with him and he’ll shoot the breeze and tell stories and make you laugh, and you don’t even know he’s starting tomorrow. Very laid back.” - Andrew Brunette, teammates in Minnesota and Colorado

Even with the tough times, he had a great attitude. He’s a terrific guy to have in net.” - John-Michael Liles, Colorado, 2008

Since I’ve been back, every single game, it’s been like ‘Wow. Theo’s been playing great.’” Peter Forsberg, Colorado, 2008

Jose is a very talented goalie. He’s just a guy you really trust back behind you." John-Michael Liles, Colorado, 2008

His emotions, his maturity …I see him as being very level-headed. He’s very calm, focused on his own job. Patrick was different. Patrick was very vocal and Jose is quiet. He gives off a controlled vibe, which is good for the rest of us. He’s not rattled, which is a good way to lead. If he doesn’t like something the ‘D’ did, we just talk about it.” -  Adam Foote comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

Theo’s more laid back and just relaxes out there.” - Joe Sakic comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

When he had his struggles, and I think this is important, he really endeared himself with his hard work. He didn’t ever pout, and he was a really great teammate.” - Kelly Hrudey on Theodore’s positive attitude, 2007

He’s popular because of the way he’s playing and he’s got that charisma. It’s in his blood. Outside of the game, he reminds me of Bobby Orr. (Orr) was nice to everybody. (Theodore) is patient with everybody. It comes naturally to him. He stays humble, too.” - Andre Savard, 2002

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RDS Article About José

It seems RDS asked José for an interview, he declined, but there were a “series of emails” that led to this information…but can we trust its accuracy? I hope so…because I don’t want to post false information, but I know a lot of you are as interested as me, so here it is.

Follow link for original article in French.
by Francois Gagnon
Although the Florida Panthers come to play him a dirty trick by giving Tim Thomas the position they had promised, Jose Theodore did not intend to retire.
Preferring to remain quiet on the eve of the 2013-2014 season, Theodore declined an interview request from Through an exchange of emails, the Quebec goalie did admit he still hoped to find a job in the NHL or in Europe. Despite his 37 years, and the fact that he is unemployed a few days before the opening of the season, Theodore intends to keep the form to answer this if a club makes a sign in the short or medium term.
Several options are on the table:
Through his agent Don Meehan, the former Canadiens goalie chats with Avangard Omsk of the parameters of a one-year contract that would require him to go abroad in the KHL. A scenario in which the goalkeeper did not raffolerait due to the fact that he should abandon his wife and daughter in South Florida where Theodore stood when he joined the Panthers there three years.
Following the surgery performed by veteran Tomas Vokoun who was stripped of a blood clot in the pool last weekend, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Theodore clan had preliminary discussions. The Penguins expect to know more about the recovery time of Vokoun before resuming discussions. Already struggling with a payroll that smashes the ceiling set by the NHL this season - $ 1098 333 more than 64.3 million allowed under the specialized site - Penguins should first place the name Vokoun who receives an annual salary of $ 2 million on the disabled list in the long term before woo Theodore.
If they are unable to provide flexibility in the ceiling, the Penguins will trust Jeff Zatkoff - the guardian of 26 years was a 3rd round pick of the Los Angeles Kings in 2006 and joined the organization of the Penguins last year - to assist Marc-Andre Fleury.
In addition to the Penguins, Predators and Sharks have indicated their interest in Theodore clan in recent weeks. CEOs David Poile, Nashville, and Doug Wilson, San Jose, benefit from training camp to assess young guardians of their organization before determining whether they entrust them with the assistant roles Pekka Rinne and Antti Niemi .
Injury could also open the doors to another locker room the NHL Jose Theodore or another guard still available as the Russian Ilya Bryzgalov whose rich contract was purchased by the Philadelphia Flyers at the end of last season.
Foul play Panthers
If it were up to him, Jose Theodore lead along with Jonathan Huberdeau and former teammates of the Florida Panthers rather than solo sweat at the gym where he is guided by a personal trainer.
Limited to 15 appearances in goal for the Panthers last season due to injury, Theodore was back despite all the team of South Florida this year. Without providing a contract duly clan Theodore, general manager Dale Talon was committed to hiring guide so that Theodore Swedish netminder Jacob Markstrom to the position of number one awaits Florida.
The contract is long overdue. Rumors that the club was about to be sold - the rumors were confirmed at the weekend and the transaction was approved by the Governors of the NHL on Monday in New York - were preceded by other rumors paved the way for the return of Tim Thomas in the NHL after a retreat of a season.
Arrived at camp Panthers last week, it is already assumed that role was reserved to Theodore has now been entrusted to Thomas. Information that I have not been able to confirm yesterday also lead me to believe that the Panthers are about to announce the signing of former Bruins goaltender to pay $ 2 million year.
If he had a shy season last year - an average of 4 wins, 6 setback, 3 overtime losses, 3.29 goals allowed per game, 89.3% efficiency - Theodore had surprised the Panthers and their fans there two years with a record of 22-16-11, an average of 2.46 goals allowed per game and 91.6% efficiency. A form that allowed the Panthers to make the playoffs despite the fact that the attack had only scored 203 goals in 82 games. Only the Calgary Flames and Columbus Blue Jackets have done worse with crops 202 goals.
Great career
Whether he is on the job or not this winter, Jose Theodore is well known that the pension he pushes for the moment approach.
He played or not, his last NHL game, Theodore has had a great career.
Second-round pick of the Canadiens (44th selection) in 1994, Theodore has played 648 games in the NHL with the Canadiens, the Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, Minnesota Wild and the Florida Panthers.
It has a combined record of 286 wins, 254 losses and 69 draws verdicts, overtime loss or shootout. He has maintained an average of 2.68 goals allowed per game and 90.9% efficiency.
Theodore has become one of the elite in the NHL during the 2001-2002 season when he not only guided the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs, but also raised the Hart and Vezina trophies awarded to the most valuable player his team in the regular season in the NHL and the best goalkeeper.
In 2009-2010, during his second season in Washington, Theodore was elected winner of the Bill Masterton Trophy after he had a great season despite the death of his son.

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Blurb about José on

Josh Rimer of wrote this on September 20th:

I sent UFA Jose Theodore a message yesterday (9/19) to see what’s going on with him. “All is good. My golf handicap is down to a 6. Hockey wise a few talks but would rather stay quiet, but will let you know when I’ve made up my mind.”

How awesome is he with the golf joke?

And that was before the Vokoun situation.

More Rumors

Over the weekend it was announced that Tomas Vokoun of the Pittsburgh Penguins underwent a procedure to break up a blood clot in his leg. He will be out indefinitely.

Jose's name has been discussed online as a replacement there. At this time it's all rumors. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thomas in Panthers Camp on PTO

Tim Thomas reported to Florida yesterday for medicals and was on-ice this morning for practice. He is there on a PTO, but many media feel he will be offered a contract. I guess time will tell on that.

I do feel this probably ends any possibility of José signing with Florida though.

There is still hope he signs elsewhere, anything can happen. But on a personal note I'm really upset with how Florida treated José. He was an integral part in getting them back to the playoffs after a 10 year absence, and they will only offer him a PTO after Clemmensen has surgery? Nope. That's not acceptable. They expected him to take himself off the market with a tryout and no guarantee of a contract? That's a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned. Here's hoping he signs elsewhere and shows Florida what they could've and should've had.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to José!!

Today is José's 37th birthday. Hopefully he has a great day with his family and is able to play some golf. No rain, ok Florida? Just this one day. Haha. I will probably be back on later today with some stories other fans shared with me about how much José has meant to them through the years.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

José Turned Down Professional Try Out Offer by Panthers

It was announced by the Panthers on Sunday that Scott Clemmensen underwent minor knee surgery at the end of last week, and he would miss approximately 3 weeks. That would be all of training camp, but they expect him to be back by the season opener in October.

So that started rumors about a possibility of José getting a call.

Today it was announced on twitter by Renaud Levoie that the Panthers offered José a PTO (professional try out), but he rejected it because he's waiting for a contract:

With Clemmensen out for 3 weeks, Panthers offered a PTO to Jose Theodore today. Theodore rejected the offer. He's waiting for a contract.
This doesn't surprise me at all. A "try out" in camp does nothing for him. And it might keep him from the possibility of getting a contract from another team. I find it a bit of an insult that they even contacted him about it myself. Either you want to sign him or not. Don't come asking when you are short a goalie for camp. Nope. But that's just the way I see it. Maybe I'm bitter.

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José in GQ in 2002

I know I've posted the photo of José from the October 2002 issue of GQ before, but this is a fuller, more complete, version. Thanks to fellow fan Tyler for sharing!

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José Through the Years, 2004 World Cup and Lockout

There was an NHL lockout that wiped out the 2004-05 season. But José was on Team Canada during the World Cup, and he also played for Djurgarden in the SEL beginning in January 2005. I will make a separate post of the Djurgarden photos.

These are screen captures from the press conference after it was announced he would be a part of Team Canada.

And I have a DVD that is about the 2004 Team Canada, and here are a few screen captures from that. 

First with Vinny Lecavelier.

And captures of his flow. :)

 Jose Theodore of Team Canada in warm-ups prior to their exhibition game against Team USA in the World Cup of Hockey on August 25, 2004.

Jose Theodore of Team Canada looks on against Team USA during an exhibition game in the World Cup of Hockey on August 25, 2004.

 Jose Theodore of Team Canada stops a breakaway shot by Brian Rolston of Team USA during an exhibition game in the World Cup of Hockey on August 25, 2004.

Scott Gomez of Team USA watches a bouncing puck in front of Jose Theodore of Team Canada during the third period of their exhibition game in the World Cup of Hockey on August 25, 2004.

Jose Theodore of Team Canada looks on during a practice session before Canada's exhibition game against Slovakia at the World Cup of Hockey on August 28, 2004 at the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Wayne Gretzky, Executive Director of Team Canada, skates with the puck behind the net of goaltender Jose Theodore during a practice session before their exhibition game against Slovakia at the World Cup of Hockey on August 28, 2004.

 Captain Mario Lemieux of Team Canada with goaltender Jose Theodore after defeating Finland 3-2 in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey Championship game on September 14, 2004 at the Air Canda Centre in Toronto. 

Jose Theodore speaks with reporters following the NHL Players’ Association meetings in Toronto Tuesday Nov. 2, 2004.

Montreal Canadiens’ Jose Theodore arrives at a hotel in Toronto where NHLPA meetings will take place Wednesday July 20, 2005. The union will hold a two-day meeting so players can voice their opinions on the tentative deal that was reached last week with the NHL board of governors and then vote on it. 

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José Through the Years (Montreal Part 2)

Well I kind of forgot what I started earlier in the summer, didn't I? I got distracted by free agency. Anyway, in the first post I went up through the 2002-03 season, so I'll pick up with the 2003-04 season now.

 Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens sports a toque as he practices with his team on an outdoor rink on November 21, 2003 at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta. The Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens will play in the Heritage Classic on November 22, the first time a regular season NHL game will be played outdoors. 

Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens against the Edmonton Oilers during the Molson Canadien Heritage Classic on November 22, 2003.

Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens looks on before the game against the Washington Capitals on December 23, 2003

 Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens during the national anthem before a game against the New York Islanders February 5 , 2004 

Eastern Conference All Star Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens on February 7, 2004


These are from a night when the Canadiens honored Jean Beliveau (that's why they were all wearing #4.)

Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens makes a pad save against Joe Thornton of the Boston Bruins during game six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Bell Centre on April 17, 2004.

 Pierre Dagenais and goalie Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens celebrate after the Canadiens went up 2-0 over the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on April 19, 2004 at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The Canadiens won 2-0 to win the series 4-3.