Friday, September 27, 2013

What Teammates Say about José is the Most Important to Me

I don't put much stock in what media or fans or even management say about José. What is most important to me is what his teammates say about him. They are the ones who are with him day in and day out. They see what he brings to a team. They see his talent, his work ethic, his character on and off the ice. Here are some quotes I've gathered through the years.

"I never realized how good he was until I played with him.” - Brian Campbell while teammates in Florida
That one really strikes me as impressive, because it shows that many people don't know just how good José is until they are with him on a team or watch lots of his games. Because he's played on mediocre teams so much of his career, and because he's so low-key many other hockey fans doesn't see how talented he is. 

There’s no one I’d rather have behind me in net than Jose.” - Matt Bradley, teammates in Washington and Florida

He’s an absolutely unreal teammate. Goalies are a different breed. Not Theo. He’s very normal. You go to dinner with him and he’ll shoot the breeze and tell stories and make you laugh, and you don’t even know he’s starting tomorrow. Very laid back.” - Andrew Brunette, teammates in Minnesota and Colorado

Even with the tough times, he had a great attitude. He’s a terrific guy to have in net.” - John-Michael Liles, Colorado, 2008

Since I’ve been back, every single game, it’s been like ‘Wow. Theo’s been playing great.’” Peter Forsberg, Colorado, 2008

Jose is a very talented goalie. He’s just a guy you really trust back behind you." John-Michael Liles, Colorado, 2008

His emotions, his maturity …I see him as being very level-headed. He’s very calm, focused on his own job. Patrick was different. Patrick was very vocal and Jose is quiet. He gives off a controlled vibe, which is good for the rest of us. He’s not rattled, which is a good way to lead. If he doesn’t like something the ‘D’ did, we just talk about it.” -  Adam Foote comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

Theo’s more laid back and just relaxes out there.” - Joe Sakic comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

When he had his struggles, and I think this is important, he really endeared himself with his hard work. He didn’t ever pout, and he was a really great teammate.” - Kelly Hrudey on Theodore’s positive attitude, 2007

He’s popular because of the way he’s playing and he’s got that charisma. It’s in his blood. Outside of the game, he reminds me of Bobby Orr. (Orr) was nice to everybody. (Theodore) is patient with everybody. It comes naturally to him. He stays humble, too.” - Andre Savard, 2002

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