Saturday, September 26, 2015

José's First TVA Appearances of the 2015-16 Season

The regular season hasn't started yet, but José was in Montreal this past week and made a few appearances on Dave Morissette's show on TVA.

Thanks to Val for taking some photos for me.

First was from September 21st.

Then a clip from the show was posted on TVA's website (you have to be in Canada or have an IP masker to watch their videos.)j

From Sept. 22nd

And Val wasn't able to see the show from Sept. 23rd, but the next morning there was a clip on a morning show. The guy in plaid is Erik Guay, a Canadian skier. It looks like they're doing wall sits?

José's "Off-Season"

I wanted to post some photos from some highlights of José's public appearances this summer. I already posted photos from the premiere of Le Mirage.

Here was one I found a bit later that I didn't post at first.

On June 15th he played in a charity golf event at the Royal Montreal Golf Club to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation of Quebec.

Fan photo from early July.

At Simon Gagne's golf tournament on July 10th (Vinny Lecavalier is in the middle and Simon in the pink shirt.)

With fans a couple of days later, still in Quebec City.

At a tennis tournament in Montreal, the Woodland Open.

Ziplining in Montreal on July 19th.

At the QMJHL's Ambassador's Club golf event on August 7th.

On August 8th he played a song onstage with NOFX (if you recall he also did that when in Colorado.)

And then on August 11th he participated in Michel Therrien's Golf Tourney (although it rained them out, so I think they played poker.)

He was a busy guy!! :)