Friday, July 31, 2015

José and Stéphanie at the premier of Louis Morissette's new movie

Louis Morissette, José and Stéphanie's brother-in-law (married to Véronique Cloutier), co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in a new film called Le Mirage. The premier was in Montreal last night with a red carpet event.

And look who was there, looking beautiful as always.

From left: Louis, Vero, Carole (Vero and Steph's mom) and Jim (Carole's husband.)

Here are the sites where I found the photos:


  1. I have a pair of Cooper pads from the St. Jean Lynx which I believe to be Jose's. They match the team's colour scheme and are the same as the Vaughns he's wearing in the photos on your site. They also have a THEODORE 37 patch sewn to the side. If you would like pictures of them, I would be happy to send some along.

    1. That would be great!! I'd love to see them. If you are willing, you can email them to me at

      Thanks again!


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