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José on Vero's Show (September 13, 2005)

Thanks so much to Marielle for sharing this video of José on Veronique Cloutier's talk show on September 13, 2005 (his 29th birthday.) It was also the first day of training camp.

FYI, Vero is his sister-in-law (Stephanie's sister.) And at this time Stephanie was pregnant with Romi, so that's why Vero mentioned a baby.

Also thanks to Joey for the translation.

- V: Our next guest, who has won a Hart Trophy, a Vézina Trophy, a World cup, a baby and maybe someday a Stanley Cup; please welcome José Theodore!
-          V: Thanks for accepting our invitation.
-          J: My pleasure.
-          V: Look, were not a sports show and normally were a cultural show but we couldn’t miss speaking to you since you’re a real star and during the season, you rarely give interviews.
-          J: We’re really busy during the season and when it starts, we travel a lot so with the pressure to do well, it’s already enough so this is my last chance to come to see you.
-          V: Training camp started today?
-          J: Yes, this morning. Physicals were this morning.
-          V: Good first day?
-          J: Yes, it was tough and long.
-          V: Are you in shape compared to other years?
-          J: Yes, I passed the tests. It was fun. It’s a little bit like a first day of school; the only difference is that I didn’t really like school. It was fun to see all of my teammates that I hadn’t seen in two years.
-          V: Every season at the start of September, there’s the Canadiens golf tournament. That’s where most of the announcements are made. Like here, you were very excited to have signed so that you could present yourself to the tournament. It’s a day that is very anxiously awaited by people, especially by journalists. Why? Because José always shows up with a new fashion accessory. Two years ago, it was the baseball cap. I’m not sure if you remember, Jose? You showed up with that hat. Last year, it was the earrings that you’re still wearing today. And last week, it was the white sunglasses. You like that! You purposely show up with this stuff!
-          J: Not really, when I see those glasses, I find them really nice. I don’t wake up in the morning and think “well, this will make people speak about me”. For me, it’s like a new haircut.
-          V: You’re interested in fashion?
-          J: Well, I don’t have a choice because my girlfriend buys, well your sister, my girlfriend… Me at the start, when I started dating her, it was a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes and since I met her, its 10 pairs of shoes. And earrings because she made me like diamonds because it’s good for her; she thinks that she’ll get them after. It doesn’t work that way though!
-          V: Jose, if we went 10 years back, if I had given you the choice: you’re a goalie for the Canadiens or you’re a rockstar and you tour the world. What would you have done?
-          J: Uh, it’s hard to say. I really can’t complain. Right now, I can say mission accomplished. I wanted to play hockey in the NHL but I have to say, being a rockstar, I’d like that too. I like the lifestyle; it’s a bit between boys and you travel a lot. I never lived the lifestyle of a rockstar but I would’ve liked to try it.
-          V: You play music often.
-          J: Yeah, for fun. That’s why I have tendencies sometimes. Like when I’m taking pictures, sometimes I make gestures that can get me into trouble but it’s all for fun.
-          V: It’s really to look like a star, let’s say. Jose, you recently signed your contract; everyone spoke about it a lot. 16 million dollars. For sure for everyone, it’s a huge amount of money.
-          J: For me too!
-          V: I was wondering, the day this news came out, it’s on the front page of the newspapers, there’s a picture of your face and a big 16 million $ written on it; when you go to the depanneur to buy a pack of gum, are you uncomfortable?
-          J: No, because I’m pretty generous. Where I’m uncomfortable is that I was doing some landscaping at my house and the pool guy said it would cost 250$ and I was telling him it was too expensive, it should be 150$ and I’m not going to pay 250$ and he was looking at me like “you’re not serious…” That’s where it makes me shy. Sometimes you see the number [16 million] and it makes you kind of uncomfortable, but… we’ll take it anyways! Once the contract is signed, you’re happy and you can move on. I really wanted to, and I repeat this, stay in MTL because I love the city.
-          V: You’ve repeated that you love the city but still, players from Quebec are mistreated here in MTL. You know, the fans are tough with you guys. If you were playing in the States, you’d pay less income. Why did you absolutely want to stay here?
-          J: Well, to make TV shows like you. For people to sing songs to me when they welcome me. It’s like that when we play hockey. Me, I repeat it. As I’ve said, in MTL, what’s fun is that we can be close to fans and we have the best fans.
-          V: It’s a hockey city.
-          J: If it gives me less money, well, I can play in front of the people I want to play in front of but now, I couldn’t ask for better.
-          V: People are very happy that you’ve stayed. I think it’ll be a great season. Before you leave, it’s his birthday tonight; Jose turns 29, so I’d ask everyone in the room to get ready to sing to him….
-          J: A little story, I played hockey with his son, the goalie! We were the same age and from the same region.
-          V: On the cake, we have an LX, your number in roman numbers. Like on your arm!
-          J: Ahh, yes, you know.
-          V: Show everyone!
-          J: Well, I can’t get undressed.
-          V: Aww, he has long sleeves underneath.
-          J: Next time you’ll invite me, I’ll show everyone.
-          V: Right before the playoffs.
-          J: After we win the Stanley Cup.
-          V: José, it’s your birthday but you’re the one who brought us a gift. One of your guitars; I’ll ask you to sign it right away. It’s a great idea he had; we’re going to raise money for different charities so this guitar will be auctioned off.
-          J: Can I make my wish?
-          V: José, thanks for coming. Have a great season!
(And I’m sure when he mentioned the finger gestures he was talking about when he flipped off the team photographer when taking their headshots that season and he got grief for it, even though he was just joking with the guy and the guy knew it.)

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