Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Journal de Montreal article ("J'adoooooore la Floride")

Thanks to Mel for sharing this article about José from Journal de Montreal. First the photos, then I'll share her translation.

The first pic just says that Theodore found joy again or something like that.

Then the article:

Title is something like: Florida makes Theo smile or Florida shines on Theo or something like this.

The article pretty much says:

-Six years after leaving Montreal, that pushed him to glory as much as to the depths of the ocean, Theodore feels like a fish in the water with the Florida Panthers.

-It’s not that the 35 year old goalie had disappeared from the map, but this season he’s cemented himself as a number 1 again.

-His GAA is the best since he was with the Avalanche and his Save% best since his 2001-2002 “miracle season” with the Habs (didn’t like how they wrote that.)

-“For me it’s not like I came out of nowhere this year, my numbers were good in Minnesota, but I wasn’t considered like a number one anymore. When I signed my contract with Florida, that’s what they promised me.”

-“You start the season in a different way, a different mindset, you really anticipate playing hockey. I felt I’ve played well in the last few seasons, but this time I have the chance to play more often.”

-For Theo his success can easily be linked to the fact that he’s enjoying himself like a kid under the palm trees –his tan adds more to his rock star look. (This part cracked me. "rock star look" ;o)

-“I looooovvvveee Florida” he said with a big smile. “For me when the head/mind is clear, the season follows.”

-He’s not surprised by where the Panthers are in the standings.

-“It’s not that people don’t know hockey, let’s just say that the supposed experts often make mistakes in their predictions. In hockey, it depends a lot on the team’s chemistry and this year we have it.”

-Dineen is the first to admit that his goalie’s play explains in part the Panthers success this season.

-Theodore didn’t accomplish any thing great in his last few seasons. With the Wild last year he only played 32 gamesand GAA 2.71. (I would disagree with them on the "nothing great" thing...30 wins in Washington was pretty great.)

-“We’re far from all that, we had a frank talk at the beginning of training camp and we established a goodrelationship. There is a lot of honesty on both our parts. We talked about last season and what he needed to do to earn the net” – Dinnen said.

-Even if many people said that he lacked work ethic early in his career Dineen says it’s the total opposite today.

-“That’s what impresses me about him, not the games really, but the work he puts into practices. He does the little extras necessary all the time. He certainly has the talent but he’s a hard worker” – Dineen said.

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