Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gameday, Panthers vs. Hurricanes, W (3-2, OT)

After one period the game is tied at 1. The goal against José was a deflection. :( He stopped 6 of 7 shots.

After two the Panthers trail 1-2, and they should feel lucky that's all. The whole team looks lethargic and dead on their skates. The Hurricanes really picked it up in the 2nd and peppered José with 16 shots. He stopped all but one (one that was the result of a turnover near the net.)

Let's hope the Panthers wake up this last period. Maybe the 5:00 start time has them off their game. They did start looking a little sharper near the end of the 2nd.

Another OT game. My heart can't take too many more of these. But at least this one didn't have to go to the shootout for the Panthers to win. José made a total of 24 saves on 26 shots.

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