Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gameday, Panthers @ Rangers, L (1-6)

The Panthers trail 1-2 after one period. José faced 9 shots. The two goals were power play goals, and the Rangers are good on the power play. Panthers had been good on the PK, but these were 2 defensive breakdowns.

Thank goodness for Erik Gudbranson and his first NHL goal with less than 5:00 to go in the period. It shifted the momentum a bit. Let's hope it carries over to the 2nd.

And Fox Sports Florida showed some footage from the Central Park practice yesterday. We lucked out and they interviewed José. He REALLY seemed to enjoy the day. But he did mention how he really likes "Florida sun" too. Haha. He definitely prefers warm weather.

Bad game all around. After 2 periods, they trailed 1-6. Clemmensen started the 3rd period. The Panthers have had practically no offense. 6 power plays and haven't scored on them. Sure, José wasn't GREAT, but the team in front of him really let him down. And he's the one that's going to get all the blame. The life of a goalie, I guess.

He ended up saving 16 of 22.

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