Monday, January 21, 2013

Gameday, Panthers @ Senators, L 0-4

Panthers Travel To Ottawa To Take On Senators

Panthers have a 5-game losing streak in Ottawa...would be awesome to break that!

Totally different 1st period than the other night. The Panthers trail 0-1 and have been outshot 18-4! The Senators got a power play goal to get on the board (the Panthers had to face 3 PPs in that period.)

I'm not up to recapping that much. José played a great game and kept them close most of the game. It was 2-0 with less than half of the 3rd left, and then there were a couple of goals at the end. This loss can't be hung on him though. The team was sloppy and didn't even seem to be there. He was one of the few that actually showed up.
He saved 33 of 37 shots. 

The plan was to have Clemmensen play tomorrow night in Montreal, so when he doesn't start it's not because of tonight's game.

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