Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Jets, W (6-3)

The fact that José is still starting shows Dineen doesn't blame him for these losses. That's a positive. Let's hope the Panthers can get a few lucky bounces tonight to boost their confidence. They aren't playing with any and that hurts.

Panthers hope to turn things around against Jets

Wow, it felt good to see the team score goals again...and they scored 5 in the last period!! José wasn't perfect, he probably feels he should've gotten a couple of those goals, but they weren't soft. Just savable. But his team stepped up for him as he'd stepped up for them for so many games, so it all evens out in the end. That's how a team is supposed to work.

Peter Mueller said how José had been working so hard, he was really happy to see him get the win. So that was nice to hear.

He faced 25 shots on goal, saving 22.

And the losing streak is broken! Thank goodness!!! The whole team worked really hard and looked so much better overall. There were still little issues, but so much better!

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