Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This and That

I forgot that I hadn't posted the video that my friend, Nelly, made for me after my trip to Florida to see José. This was from January 4th, 2 days before the lockout ended. They were still practicing at Glacier Snow and Ice which is where they practiced most of the lockout. It's a smaller, more intimate, rink so I could talk to him right as he came off the ice. And then he invited us around back to talk after he cleaned up, so that's where some of the photos came from. (I'm the one wearing his jersey. ;) And the guy is my husband, who is so awesome for making a 2400+ mile round trip with me to see José.

I also realize I haven't been very active on this site lately. I spend more time on my tumblr and Facebook pages for José, and along with my 2 blogs for goalies in general, I'm afraid this one is the site that gets the least attention. I'm not sure how many still check in here is one reason, and I know how many followers I have on tumblr and Facebook and it's easy to interact with those folks due to the setup of the sites. Blogger is not an ideal interface for that. Plus tumblr is just so much easier to post photos on. That's the main purpose there...tumbling photos.

So if you want to check in over there, feel free: F$%^ Yeah Jose Theodore

Just know that it's a totally different atmosphere, and I get more fangirly and curse, etc. So if easily offended by that stuff, then stay away. ;) And because I have good friends who follow me there, and tumblr is an interactive blogging site, I will post some personal stuff along with the José stuff. I usually remove the personal posts after a day or so, but it's how I communicate with my friends there. So just don't be surprised by that.

It would probably be easiest for you to check out the archive, then you can just pick out the photos or videos you want to see. Here's the link to the archive.

And here is my Facebook fan page. I usually try to post at least one or two photos each day. But you have to be a Facebook user to see that one. You don't have to be a tumblr user to view that page.

Here's hoping the Panthers get their act together SOON and help out their goalie!! He deserves so much better than what they're giving him. And he's played so much better than what his stats indicate. I feel terrible for him.

Here's what I posted on tumblr and Facebook last night:

These are rough days for the Panthers, but I still believe in José, and I know you guys do too! He's doing all he can, and hopefully things gel for the team soon. Things will look up, and we'll be there for him during the wins just like we are for the losses.

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