Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Hurricanes, 7:00 EST (José in goal)

Fox Sports Florida is not broadcasting tonight's game, and it seems there was an NHL blackout on it. But I am getting to see some sort of Carolina feed and listening to the Carolina radio broadcast, so I'll take it. But there aren't many camera shots of José.

He faced 14 shots that period, and unfortunately the first one went in off a deflection. Deflection shots are maddening. It looked like it deflected off a defenseman's skate. But after that, nothing got past him, and he was pretty busy.

The Panthers have only had 7 shots on goal, and they aren't really getting any quality chances. Hopefully they'll step it up, because they need to get their offense going!

José faced another 14 shots in the 2nd period, and one of them was ripped past him. It looked like he was probably screened, but it was a screecher of a shot. But the Panthers did get a score in there, so the score is 1-2.

Well, that one didn't turn out so well. The Panthers lost 3-1. José faced 39 shots. He had some spectactular saves, but the Panthers had trouble controlling the puck and scoring (again) and staying out of the box. Let's hope they can do better against Edmonton on Friday.

And this was a save. A sweet one.

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