Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Day After

I didn't get my entry updated last night after the game, so I'll just make a new one.

The Panthers won!! It had to go to another shootout, but at least a Panther scored in the shootout, and they won! The Panther who scored was Wolski, and he had a beauty of a shot. The most fun part to me was that right after the OT period ended, he went over to José on the bench and started talking to him. And we all knew he was asking José's advice or talking to him about his shot, or something, and they talked for a few minutes. And of course I screen captured it, becaues it was awesome. But the announcers were talking about it, and the Panthers tweeter mentioned it. It's like José helped them win, even from the bench!

And then Mel shared a photo of La Presse's Sports section today. The headline just says something about the Habs having 5 more games.

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  1. Wolski scored blocker side, right? José must've told him to try that because as much as I don't want to say it, or admit it - Carey has a little trouble on that side.


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