Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Flyers, W, 2-1 (Clemmensen in goal)

Coach Dineen's comments from today:

“I don’t want to make too many changes. The goaltending’s been good. I don’t want to keep stirring the pot in different areas. In saying that every night there’s four extremely hungry guys looking to get in the lineup, so I will say this, there has been some extremely tough decisions on a daily basis for us about whose going in come game time. My thought process is to try to find a place for Clem to play. In saying that we got that hot stick. Jose’s making it very easy to keep giving him the tap on the shoulder, so he’s made it hard. I really am going game to game on these right now. It’s hard to leave the hot stick.”


I guess that translated to Clemmensen will start in Philadelphia. Maybe it's because the Panthers have not fared as well against the Flyers this season when José started as when Clemmensen did. Not because of José's play, but because of the team's play in those games. According to Harvey: "Theo has given up 8 goals on 74 shots in 2 losses, while Clem gave up 2 goals in shootout."

I have a feeling José will start in Carolina tomorrow then.


Everything is more fun with 2 good goalies! The Panthers' goalie saved their bacon again tonight, this time it was Clemmensen. Panthers beat the Flyers 2-1, even though Clemmensen faced 36 shots and the Panthers only got 13 shots on goal. But it's the 2 that went in for the Panthers that really mattered. Going for their 6th straight win in Carolina tomorrow.

And we still got 2 photos of José.

And for those that didn't like what he had going on with his facial hair during the last game in Philly...he shaved.

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