Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Jets, L (0-7, 4 on José)

Well...not the first period you'd hope for in a big divisional game. Panthers trail 2-0. The first goal was the result of a turnover right near the net, and the second was due to Jovo running over José and opening up the net. After that things calmed down. The Jets really went after José peppering him with shots, but he came up big when his teammates didn't sabotage him. He saved 11 of 13 shots.

The Panthers played better that 2nd period, but unfortunately couldn't get anything past Pavelec. So it's still 2-0. José saved all 8 shots he faced that period.

And things got bad in the 3rd period. José was pulled after the 4th goal. But this is the way I see the 4. The first he didn't have a chance on as it was scored on a turnover right in front of the net. The 2nd was because Jovo knocked him over and the net was open. The 3rd was deflected by 2 other players in front of him. The 4th was a 5-1. He saved 20 of 24 shots.

Then Clemmensen came in and got 2 GAA. I didn't even see them, as I couldn't watch anymore.

But the Panthers still hold a 2 point lead in the SE. This is one you just forget about. Period.

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