Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gameday, Panthers vs. Maple Leafs, W (5-2)

The Panthers jumped on the scoreboard early (I believe it was 59 seconds in.) But nothing doing since then. The Maple Leafs have been very active, but the defense is keeping most of the shots away from José. It was another 5 shot period. But 2 of those shots were very quality scoring chances, and therefore very quality saves. José has stayed sharp.

We had a little breathing room for a couple minutes where it was 2-0. But not long before the end of the period the Leafs got to a rebound after a good save by José and got it to the empty side of the net. So it's back to a nervewracking one goal lead, 2-1.

José faced 11 more shots that period, saving 10.

The Panthers swept the 4-game series with Toronto this season, scoring at least 5 goals in each of those games. José saved 26 of 28 shots, some of the fantastic variety. He's on fire, and it's awesome! I'm so proud of him!!!

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