Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Found an Awesome José Theodore Fan Site Today!

My poring over the internet looking for other José sites has finally paid off. I found a great site today called Soixante, José Theodore The Approved Fanlisting. (FYI, soixante is sixty in French, José's number.) It's not active any more, but I still found some really good stuff.

Here's a link to the site:

I actually found quite a few photos that I'd never seen before, so that's cool. And I found out that José was in the October 2002 issue of GQ...I need to see if we have that issue in the library.

And there is a great section on the site of quotes by and about José. I thoroughly enjoyed those. Here are a few of my favorites:

"If you look at me with no shirt, if I'm taking steroids then I should change the guy that's selling them to me because it's not working."
- on being accused of taking steroids after testing positive for a WADA banned substance found in his hair tonic, 2006 (This one really made me giggle.)

"Outside of the game, he reminds me of Bobby Orr. (Orr) was nice to everybody. (Theodore) is patient with everybody. It comes naturally to him. He stays humble, too."
- Andre Savard, 2002

"Jose is a very talented goalie. He's just a guy you really trust back behind you. If there is a mistake, he's going to bail you out for sure."
-John-Michael Liles on Theodore holding Minnesota scoreless in the first 2 periods of Game 1 and 2 of the playoffs, 2008

"Even with the tough times, he had a great attitude. He's a terrific guy to have in net."
- John-Michael Liles on having Theodore as a teammate, 2008

"His emotions, his maturity . . . maybe he was always in control of his emotions, but I see him as being very level-headed. He's very calm, focused on his own job. Patrick was different. Patrick was very vocal and Jose is quiet. He gives off a controlled vibe, which is good for the rest of us. He's not rattled, which is a good way to lead. If he doesn't like something the 'D' did, we just talk about it."
- Adam Foote comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

"Theo's more laid back and just relaxes out there."
- Joe Sakic comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

"When he had his struggles, and I think this is important, he really endeared himself with his hard work. He didn't ever pout, and he was a really great teammate."
- Kelly Hrudey on Theodore's positive attitude after being benched, 2007

So great job to Jello over at Soixante!! You have a great site!

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