Wednesday, July 11, 2012

José and Stephanie's appearance in Elle Québec

On June 30th Stephanie's sister, Veronique Cloutier and longtime boyfriend, Louis Morissette, were married. Elle Québec obtained exclusive rights to the story and photos of the wedding. José and Stephanie were in a couple of the photos.

The first mention of the wedding was at their website here.

José and Steph are in the background of this photo, at the top of the steps.

The magazine is for sale now, so those of you in the Montreal area, check it out! My friends, Mel and Val, took a photo of this photo from the issue. (Note José now has a sleeve tattoo on his left arm...that wasn't there last summer.)

I have a copy of the magazine on the way to me, so I will scan the photo when it arrives.

For those looking for the magazine itself, here is the cover.

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