Sunday, August 12, 2012

Information about José's Gear from a Self-Proclaimed "Goalie Gear Nerd"

I was contacted by a man who asked if I had a photo of José’s chest protector from his days with the Wild. I thought some of the stuff he said about José’s gear was pretty cool, so I wanted to share. I will preface it with his warning: “I don’t know how accurate I am with this info but it’s what I’ve gathered over the years.”

In his words:

“As a goalie myself and goalie gear nerd Jose T. is one of the goalies with the most gear swag in the NHL! Why? Only goalie along with Brodeur to still rock the old school knee blocks/wraps (if you look at his knee set up when he drops it’s much different from any other goalie in the league, but still seals the ice flat, unlike Marty’s butterfly.) He has that extra extension on the back of his pants, different “Theodore bubble chin” mold mask, and nash palm on his glove.”

Now some photos to illustrate his points.

First, his "landing gear" in comparison to Henrik Lundqvist's "more modern" set-up. Christian said, “Jose’s knee block has his straps on the outside so it makes contact with the ice. Lundys knee strap is run on the inside so it has no contact on the ice.” (You probably need to high res the photos to see the strap, but it’s definitely noticeable. As far as C-A knows José (and possibly Marty) is the only one with the older style landing gear and with the strap on the outside of the landing gear.)

“His pad is an updated version of the Vaughn Legacys he wore while playing in Montreal. If you look at his old pics you can see the landing gear is still very similar to his old stuff compared to modern landing gears. The leather strap runs on the outside of the knee compared to within or inside the knee. Modern landing gear is much more blocky.”

I've always noticed the extension on the back of his pants, but I assumed everyone's was like this, but José's was more noticeable because he tucked his shirt in. But Christian says that José has his extended. Of course we don’t know why he prefers that, but he can only assume it’s for comfort and to keep his shirt tucked in better.

And you can see his landing gear and the strap very clearly here.

Then his skates: "He also wears black Bauer 7000’s model (old school discountinued), which are built the traditional way with leather instead of all the new carbon skates. I believe Halak and Bryz are other goalies who still rock ‘em."

(And I thought I read on a goalie forum one time that he runs his strap through a different part of his skate than many, but I’m not sure about that. I might be getting confused with someone else…I’ll have to try to find photos to compare that.)

Since Christian mentioned how José and Marty Brodeur were the only two that he knew of to still use the older style landing gear, I sent him this photo and commented on how different their wraps look. It looks like Marty’s leg is swimming inside his pad whereas José is tightly wrapped.

He wrote back: “Marty use to be the goalie w/ the most ancient style pads, but now it’s Theodore! Theodore has a much longer calf wrap and does wear it snug. Marty loosened his pads a little this past season but still has a shorter calf wrap (nylon/foam looking sheet that wraps around calf.)”

And it kinda looks to me that Marty’s landing gear strap now is inside rather than outside like José’s, but I might not be seeing that clearly. I need to find a better photo to tell for sure.

I love that José is still sticking with what’s gotten him to this point. He seems to have his very own style with his equipment, just like he has his own style in street clothes. I love it!

So here is a comparison between José and Marty.

I believe the brown part in the palm of this glove is the nash palm he talked about. Let me know if I'm wrong about that.

And if you compare this photo to the one from Florida you can see that his leg/calf wraps are still the same as when he was in Montreal.

Now on to his mask. He said: "José’s mask is a special version Itech/Bauer (made by Jerry Wright). Look at his masks (Minny/Colorado/Florida) and compare to all the other 961’s (Bryz, Bernier, Mason, Lundquvist, etc) out there, his has a different chin with a bubble/rounder look to it.”

Most of the goalies he mentioned wear chin danglers, and it's hard to see the chins of their masks, so I picked a photo of Quick instead. The difference is subtle, but you can tell the other goalies' narrow down more, whereas José's are more rounded, even though they are the same type of mask. He has his chin specially altered like that.


  1. I play goalie in hockey and i noticed that jose and i wear our leg pads the same. I always have to tighten them a lot around my leg because it is way more comfortable and protective

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate you looking in. :)


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