Thursday, October 4, 2012

Video of José (and Lu) from 10/1/12 Practice

Thanks so much to Nelly for taking some video at Monday's informal practice. After José's team won the mini-game (woot, woot!) you see him throw his hands in the air, and then he takes a knee and he and Lu talk quite a bit.

This is what I wrote on tumblr:

Today just showed why José is one of the classiest guys around
Let’s think about this. Today was the first time José and Lu came face-to-face since all the rumors that have flown around since the end of last season. (As far as we know, anyway, unless they’ve seen each other out and about.)
So it had to be a little awkward. No matter how nice of a guy Lu is, the fact is he’s not hidden the fact that he wants José’s job in Florida. He says he wants to leave Vancouver, and Florida is his first choice. So that means he wants José’s job. No matter how you say it, that’s the bottom line.
And José is aware of this, I’m sure. He can read just like the rest of us. I’m sure he doesn’t read as much as we do, because that would just be yucky for him, but I’m sure he’s seen some of the stuff that flew around all summer long.
So today they had to practice together. And of course José was the one that initiated the conversation. I’m sure Lu felt weird. Everyone says he’s a nice guy, so if you’re a nice guy, then you realize this is the guy whose job you want to take. So that has to make you feel a bit weird and uncomfortable. 
But because José is so classy and professional and such a nice man, he was not just civil to Lu, but downright friendly. Nelly said they talked on and off all practice. So it wasn’t just a polite, hi, how are you, how was your summer kind of thing. It was real conversation.
José Theodore, you are a much better person than I am, and my admiration knows no bounds.

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