Saturday, November 3, 2012

José and Stephanie in Les Boys III

José and Stephanie made an appearance in the 2001 Quebecois movie, Les Boys III. The Les Boys series of movies told the story of an amateur/garage hockey team calling themselves Les Boys. José actually played himself in this nightclub scene from the 3rd installment.

I'm not great at recording videos from my laptop and editing yet, so it's not the best quality, but it's better than nothing for those of you who haven't seen it.

There are parts mixed in that aren't him, but it was easier for me to leave it all in rather than separating out the other parts.

Then here is his part in the "Making of Les Boys III" extra.

First, Paul Houde, who plays Fern the goalie, is asked how José is doing. He says, “He’s learning, it’s exactly like his profession, you learn by playing with veterans.” ;o)
Then José is asked about acting and he says, “It’s my first time but I like it, it’s fun. When you make a mistake you can restart, but in hockey you can’t restart, you’re done.”
Then Paul/Fern talks about his tie: “This is a tie of a goalie with experience on the bottom, and here the white means shutout.”
Val says in French it’s called blanchissage (shutout), which has the root blanche, which means white, so because half his tie is white he makes that joke. 
Then after the clip from the movie, they come back to Paul, and he points out that José isn’t wearing a tie. He says “See, he’s not wearing a tie, the young ones no ties. Jacques Plante always wore a tie, Ken Dryden always wore a tie, but the young ones, this is how they dress.” (and José flourishes his outfit ;o)
Thanks, Val!

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