Wednesday, December 12, 2012

José Switched Things Up at Practice Today

My friend, Angi, gave me the first heads up that José wasn't in goal during today's informal practice. He was playing center! The guys were short skaters, and they had the other two goalies there (Vokoun and Clem), so José stepped in. I actually bet it was fun for him to do something different for a change.

After Angi messaged me about the change, I saw George Richards of the Miami Herald tweet about it as well. And he included an outstanding photo.

His tweet:

George Richards@GeorgeRichards
are down some players so they have a new center at practice. Jose can pass it pretty well...
And then he made a little hockey card for José. I love it! We can actually see his face for a change! ;o) Although it's very odd to see him in skater's gear and not goalie gear...he looks much tinier.
And then someone else who was at practice tweeted:
Can anyone ID our new shooter?

 Then Oscar tweeted a bit later:

"Yes that is Jose and register no goals no assist no points but definitely "A" for effort and lots of swagger"


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