Monday, March 4, 2013

More about José's Injury

Bob McKenzie‏@TSNBobMcKenzie
Sounds like FLA G Jose Theodore (groin) will be out a minimum of 6 weeks but more medical evaluation is likely before an exact prognosis.

Then Harvey Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel talked to José's agent:
Theodore will be out for 5-6 weeks with a torn groin, agent Don Meehan told the Sun Sentinel on Monday. Theodore told Meehan that the groin won't require surgery. Theodore, 36, who is in the final year of his contract ($1.5 million), isn't expected back with the Panthers next season, but he still "wants to play and compete,'' his agent said.
Now I assume the reason he's saying José won't be back with Florida is because his contract is up this season. But that doesn't mean he CAN'T be re-signed. Anything is possible. There would be no better mentor for Markstrom than José. Yes, Clemmensen is already signed through next season, but that doesn't mean they couldn't do something else with his contract and sign José. I know this is wishful thinking, but it's what I'm hanging on to.

Either that or he could be signed by another team. I don't feel he is ready for retirement, so even if he needs to go elsewhere, I think he would.

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