Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dale Tallon, Panthers' GM, mentioned José to Season Ticket Holders

I don't know any more information about these tweets other than what you see here, but I thought I'd share them.

The 2nd one was tweeted by a fan in response to George's. I just didn't want to publish his name.

"GM Dale Tallon tells ST renewal group bring Jose Theodore back next season a possibility with Jacob Markstrom."
"He added on that he liked that they got along and thought Jose could help Marky a lot in practice."

But I don't know what this was in response to. Surely a fan asked Tallon about his goalie situation next season, but I also can't believe Tallon didn't mention Clemmensen at all, since he's under contract through next season.

Also, last night a friend of mine saw José after the game, and just asked him how he was. He said he's good. She asked how his rehab was going and he said it was going well. Of course that's all very vague, but she said he was walking with no limp at all. And she was told that he's been working out a  lot.

Yesterday was 5 weeks exactly since his injury.

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