Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Clearer video of José catching the tennis ball at the Rogers Cup 8/11/13

Here is a clearer video from Sunday's Rogers Cup in Montreal when José catches the ball in the stands. It begins around 33:05. And keep watching, because during the break they show the catch in slow motion. :)

And the catch in slow motion (so it blurred a bit.) But how adorable is Stephanie next to him, patting him after he made the catch and laughing and clapping. I love them. In the first screen capture, you can see the ball as it's coing down and he's getting ready to catch it. And the announcer mentions how he still had his phone and beer in his left hand and "didn't spill a drop." He said "That was nicely done. Still got the beer and the phone in the left hand. Didn’t flinch. Looking very, very cool."

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