Wednesday, August 31, 2011

José Theodore's 2011-12 Panthers' Mask

I love this mask!! It's so adorable. And I don't care if goalie masks "aren't supposed to be adorable", because this one is, and I love it. The Panther family is José, Stephanie (check out her bikini bod) and Romy (with the cute little pink bow in her hair.) How fun must it be for Romy to be on Daddy's mask! As a little panther!!! I'd be ecstatic!! He's such a good Daddy.

Artist: David Gunnarsson
Article from the Panthers' beat writer's blog about the mask.

Of course the "R" on the back is for Romy, with the cross hanging from it as in all past seasons since she's been born. The "C" of course is for Chace, the son they lost in 2009. Notice the cross is surrounding him more...beautiful touch.

The license plate on the backplate is hard to see, but it's a Florida plate with "LX 60' on it. And the palm trees are really sharp. Beautiful and fun mask. I highly approve. And then the more traditional Panthers' logo is on the chin.

This is definitely a departure from what he's done in all his past seasons...but I love the change and couldn't be more pleased and proud of him for going out on a limb with this one. And you can't get better than portraying your family on your Panthers!! That's just cool! As Berni said, it just shows how important his family is to him, and that's just super sweet.


  1. Artist is Daveart (Check inside the back of the mask)

  2. Thanks. My eyes aren't as good as yours. I can't see that small of stuff. Oh to have young eyes again. ;o)

  3. Can I marry Dave Gunnarsson or...?
    I FUCKING LOVE THIS MASK OKAY. It's so pretty and the colours are so sharp and the concept and UGH I LOVE IT. It's very different from what Theo has had before, but that's what makes it so special. Like he wanted to go to Florida partly because of his family and this just goes perfectly with that and OMG I LOVE IT.

  4. Oh, and before I forget, those aren't rosaries, just crosses~ rosaries have beads and stuff to keep track of how many prayers you've said~

  5. I know right!! We're sharing a brain on this one again. I'm glad he went back to Dave Gunnarsson, because his masks are just beautiful. Well, they all are, but his are more fun and colorful, etc.

    I's just perfect!!

  6. Oh, ok. I knew in the past he'd had rosaries, I thought, so I just assumed. Thanks! I'll edit that.

  7. I kind of would love to be a mask artist, y'know? It'd be fun. I also want to get a mask painted, but then again that'd be expensive and I'm not playing anymore lololol


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