Thursday, September 1, 2011

Puck Daddy Article about José's New Mask

The online reactions to José's new mask have been mixed since the photos first hit the net. I'd say it's almost even...half love it, half don't like it at all. I, of course, love it. I think I made that perfectly clear yesterday. A departure from the norm, yes, but really awesome.

What bothers me about people's reactions is they are only focusing on the "Stephanie" side in the bikini. So everyone talks about it being a beach body mask, a bikini mask, buxom cat, etc. They seem to forget all about the other side with the José and Romy cats. It's a family mask, and I think that's really sweet. Romy is finally old enough to really know what's on her dad's mask, so to see her family there as cats/panthers? What little girl wouldn't love that?!! I wish people would focus on that more.

And even if they want to focus on the Stephanie side...I think it's really sweet that after they've been together as long as they have, that he still finds his wife attractive and sexy, and has that depicted in a fun way on his mask. I'd be so flattered if I were her.

That being said, this was still an interesting article even though it talked about the "sexy."

From Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo Sports' "Puck Daddy."

José Theodore's New Mask is a Sexy Version of Cat Fancy

It's not often we think about the goalie masks of the Florida Panthers, though in fairness we do watch mostly playoff hockey.

But Jose Theodore, you've earned our attention:

This is Theodore's new mask for the Panthers, and our records indicate it's the first in NHL history to feature a female feline in a bikini.

The design is a welcome change from the litany of Florida goalie masks that just feature a solitary palm tree or the goalie's face inside the jaws of a Panther head. Were this a Tex Avery cartoon, our eyes would now be bulging out while we make the "aaaah-oooo-gaaah" noise.

So what's the story behind the image? Prepare to feel a little awkward. From George Richards of On Frozen Pond, which published the mask image on Wednesday:
On one side of the mask is a feline wearing a bikini. On the other side is another adult cat (the one that looks a little like Joe Camel) wearing sunglasses. Next to him is a surprised looking kitten. I was told the three cats on the mask represent the Theodore clan: Jose, wife Stephanie and daughter Romy.
So the buxom bikini cat is … his wife? You know, once you work past the initial jaw drop, it's actually a sweet little gesture, no?

Here's the other side:

He's a little more Chester Cheetah than Joe Camel, because there's no way Joe Camel is ever using a bendy straw.

Overall, cool mask. Sexiest goalie mask ever? That really all depends on how you feel about The Bride from "Kill Bill" and Final Fantasy games.


  1. im with you on this one: I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    it is different but why not? its cute, again why not?
    The family thing is super-duper sweet imho

  2. I just can't believe how many people on twitter are hating on it and him because of it. It's ridiculous. They must have nothing better to do with their lives than to go on and on about this.

    You, Berni, Val and I love it, and we're 4 of his biggest supporters. So we know what's what. ;o) The others can suck it!! (I'm getting a little angry about it, if you can't tell. Haha.)


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