Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just in Case You Didn't Know...

I'm sure no one else is counting down the minutes to the upcoming season like I am (haha), so you might not realize the timeline. ;o)

Training camp officially starts this Saturday, Sept. 17th. José has been practicing with other Panthers for a couple weeks now (or longer? I forget), but Saturday will be the official beginning with the whole team.

Then preseason games begin on Monday, the 19th. They will play 2 games in Florida that day against Nashville, one at 3:00 EST and the other at 7:30, so I'm sure José will start one of them (the first, probably) and Clemmensen the other game.

Then they'll play Friday the 23rd in Tampa Bay, 7:30 EST. Saturday the 24th against Tampa again, but this time a home game, 7:30. Dallas will come to town Tuesday the 27th, also at 7:30. Then they will travel to Dallas on Thursday the 29th and play at 8:30 EST.

Here's the Panthers' website where you can find their whole schedule. I already have mine printed out and hanging on the wall right by my couch here. ;o)

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