Wednesday, September 28, 2011

José Player Profile Interview


  1. I thought the reporter did a good job. Where are you from, how did you start playing hockey, what do you think of this organization are good general questions for a get to know you piece, and what have you learned over your career is a respectful question to ask a veteran. Clearly, she'd done enough homework to know about Saves for Kids, and also to know that he's familiar with the Washington area. (And I noticed in interviews with other players, she asked them about superstitions, which she didn't do here.)

    I thought her last question was a good open ended wrap up question, in case there's a direction the player might want to go that she hadn't covered. For instance, there was an interview with Boudreau last year where he talked about watching "General Hospital" when he was in the minor leagues. Who knew? :) Obviously, nothing came to mind for Jose, but someone else on the team might have something to say.

  2. I thought it was a great interview too! And yes the reporter cleary did her homework, like the no question about the superstitions because everybody and their mother knows Jose doesnt have any.

    I know Im shallow but I was kinda skocked how SKINNY Jose looked in this video. I mean he is barely bigger than the girl....

  3. When I met him, his smallness was something that surprised me too. And my husband. My husband even said to me later he didn't realize it was him walking in, because he expected him to be bigger.

  4. And I just wasn't fond of the "Is there anything that your fans don't know about you?" question. I mean, that's obvious. Of course there are lots of things we don't know. I think she meant, "Is there anything else you'd like to share" or "Is there something in particular your fans would be surprised to hear". Either of those would've sounded much better. To just say is there anything they don't know about you sounded really awkward and odd, and I think caught him off guard and made it seem like he didn't want to share anymore with people. Then he said the "I'll let you know if I think of anything" part, because he didn't want to sound closed-off. But the wording of the question was not good in my mind.

    Overall really well done though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    "Are there any talents you have?" "Nope, none that I want to share." Hahaha. My mind...oh my mind.

  5. Yup the "Is there anything that your fans don't know about you?" q was kinda funny not in a good way thou:-P Way to get nothin outa him :-P

    I think He is a really private person but as a public figure he HAS to share somethin.

  6. I bet he was more open when he was young and in Montreal, and then when the media dragged him through the mud over so many things that were out of his control...I think that really made him much more guarded.

    I can never see him joining twitter like many NHL'ers are doing. Brent Burns posts photos of his kids, talks about all he's doing, where he's eating, when he's golfing, when he's picking his mom up at the airport. José would NEVER do that. But Burns hasn't been burned either. So it's understandable.

  7. Yep the french-canadian writers in Montreal were like sharks. Toronto is my team so I pretty much read everything Montreal in real time. I remember how shocked I was back then. I mean the Toronto media is absolutely CRAZY!! but at least they never went after a players private life. But the Montreal media was enjoying torturing him or so it seemed. It was absolutely shameful!!! So yeah its understandable.


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