Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gamenight in Dallas (Lost 7-1)

José is in net tonight in Dallas for the last preseason game for the Panthers. But there is no TV feed, no stream, and no radio broadcast. The only information I'm getting is from's boxscore and an online chat that isn't telling me anything and a few tweets.

It's scoreless after 1 period. Panthers lead in shots on goal by 12-9. There were two tweets by the Sun Sentinel writer saying that José had great saves a couple times. That's all I know.

After 2 the Panthers trail 3-1. José has faced 20 SOG.

He faced 37 SOG. I honestly can't comment on any of the game, because I could only follow tweets, and everyone was being really awful about him. I have no idea how the team played in front of him, because all they talked about was how many goals HE gave up.

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