Monday, September 26, 2011

José's New Headshot

Ta-da!!! Loving the longer hair.


  1. He's definitely a smallish guy. 5'11" and listed at 182, but most people say he's not really that heavy. Maybe wet, and after a big meal. Haha. And those big jerseys always make him look skinnier. I honestly think he's looked slimmer in the face after the tragedy in Washington. But maybe that's just me. But some photos back in Montreal and in Colorado his face looked fuller. And after that he just looked slimmer in the face. Probably me looking way too closely or something.

  2. And I'm sorry, but his neck is so beautiful. And that's all I'll say about that. So glad he didn't have a turtleneck on this season!! Love the warmer Florida weather. ;o) And his tan...thank you, Florida sun!

  3. I agree.
    Before the tragedy in Washington he "filled out his form" every summer. I remember when he arrived in Washington he was WAY bigger than this.I also remember reading the hfboards and reading the "he is fat" comments :-P
    After the tragedy he stayed this skinny even in the summers.


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