Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update from training camp

I realized I hadn't updated in the past couple days. Shame on me.

José did not play in either of the preseason games with Nashville, and he won't be playing in Friday's game in Tampa for sure. I'd say he also won't be playing in the home game against Tampa on Saturday either, but I don't know that for sure. The coach says he's wanting to let the young guys play as much as possible before they're sent back down.

This was from the Florida Panthers beat writer in his blog, On Frozen Pond: With rookie Brian Foster off to minor league camp, the Panthers have four goalies left in camp with four preseason games left. Rookies Jacob Markstrom and Tyler Plante may see time in Florida’s home-and-home series with Tampa Bay this weekend before heading to San Antonio for AHL camp. Then its just Clemmensen and José Theodore to finish things out next week against Dallas.

“I want to see Clemmensen get two games and we’ll give [Markstrom] a game in Tampa,” Dineen said. “Sometimes it’s not fair to the second guy in splitting going in. It’s also not fair sometimes to pull the starter after he’s gotten into the rhythm of the game.”

So I'm wondering if José's playing time won't come until the Dallas games.

A writer for the Sun Sentinel told me on twitter today that one of their writers talked to José yesterday and he said he only needs one game to be ready. He also said José was a really nice guy. Of course we already knew that.

The On the Fly reporter, Caitlin, also got to sit down with José today for his JetBlue player profile. She said it would probably be up on the Panthers' website tomorrow. She tweeted that "He was great! So down to earth."

He makes me so proud to be his fan!!

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