Saturday, September 24, 2011

José Debut as a Panther (Preseason though it is)

The Panthers play the Lightning 5 minutes. I'm listening on the radio, because it's not being televised. Here's the feed I'm listening's the Lightning radio network.

And guess what? They finally updated their headshots on the Panthers site. Check him out!! Loving the hair and the tan. ♥

Panthers/Lightning are tied at 1-1 after Period 1.

José saved 6 of 7 SOG. I can't see anything going on, but from what I'm hearing, I feel good about it, since it's his first game since APRIL!! One goal? That's all? I'm proud of him.

After 2, the Panthers lead 3-2. The 2nd Lightning goal was also a PPG, and in fact was 5-3. José fought off a couple different shots on the 5-3 until that one squeaked through. I think he's doing great, from what I can hear. Panthers are doing ok, but didn't score on their PPs, so that's not good. I'm thinking David Booth is definitely a top player.

This was a penalty shot that José faced. It went off the crossbar. No goal.

The Panthers lost 5-3. He ended up facing 30 shots. 3 of the goals were in the last period. I can't comment on the goals, because I was having to listen to the Lightning commentator, and I'm not really sure what happened. I'm sure José would rather not have given up 5, but I think it was a perfectly fine game for his first since April, with a new team. A group of guys that haven't played together before except for practice. Soon they'll be down to the final team, and they can start gelling and getting in a groove. I'm so glad that first game is under his belt.

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