Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Markstrom and Plante in Net tonight

Someone over at Litter Box Cats thought these young guys would get both of the games against Dallas. I was hoping José would get at least one more preseason game, but maybe they don't feel he needs it. We'll see about the game Thursday night.

Regular season opener will be Saturday Oct. 8 against the NY Islanders. I'm sure José will start that one. I can't believe it's getting so close!! :o)


  1. Since Clemmenson is recovering from surgery and may be out for four to sox weeks, I'd guess the Panthers want a look at the AHL guys to make a call on who to keep as the back up and who to assign to the AHL. They'd probably prefer having Markstrom and Plante getting practice time (even if it's in two different cities) over having somebody be the odd man out for practice time once the season begins.

  2. I also assumed that was the case. And José said he only needed one game to be ready.


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